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SHELTER DOME's Geo Dome Homes Focus on High-end Tent Brands


Rediscovering Nature in Urban Life

Luxury Glamping Tents by Shelter Dome: Reconnect with Nature in Style

In today's urban life, people work and live in high-rise buildings, and there are few opportunities to contact nature. Over time, it is inevitable that there will be resistance, and the expectation of returning to nature is out of human instinct. Who wouldn't want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, breathe the free air, enjoy the starry sky, and feel the romantic and comfortable camping life? So how do you go outdoors elegantly? The answer must be glamping. Glamping is a popular trend worldwide as it allows visitors to experience nature more closely without sacrificing comfort. More and more people are trying and embracing camping as an alternative to hotel vacations. The essential element of glamping is the need for the perfect tent, a good tent can single-handedly take the camping experience to the extreme, let me introduce you to the Shelter home brand tent.

Shelter Dome: Your High-End Glamping Solution

Shelter Dome focuses on high-end tent brand, after years of research and practical experience, our company has different solutions for different environments, whether it is hot desert or humid rainforest. Let you enjoy high-class camping from modern society anytime, anywhere!

Introducing the 6-Meter Luxury Tent Dome


One of the features of our service is the shelter dome envisioned when the geodesic dome structure was introduced. The product we are introducing today is the 6-meter luxury tent dome. This small circular space design gives people enough privacy space, which is very suitable for families or couples, allowing you to taste the small surprises from life in a cozy nest. In terms of details, we have a triangular PVO fabric "hat" on the cap vent, which provides both air circulation and rain protection, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air in the wild while helping you block the humid rain, and the problem of mosquitoes in the wild is also a must consider.

We have a mosquito repellent mesh in the glass windows and vents. We know that only by grasping each one can we not leave a dead end in the customer's experience. If you want to cook, we can also set up a kitchen for you in a tent.

Enjoy the View Without Compromising Privacy

Despite all the solutions we have proposed, you will still have many questions, such as are you worried that the tent is closed, and if I want to enjoy the outside view from the tent? We consider this point for you, we consider transparent PVC material, oxidation caused by oxidation and natural wind caused by wear using split model, in different environments we use different materials, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of users to achieve the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving, the earth needs us to maintain together! Provide campers with a better viewing experience at the lowest possible cost.

Forest Lodge

Stay Cool in Summer with Solar-Powered Fans

Of course, if you're worried about the heat affecting your camping experience in the summer, Dome Homes with solar-powered fans will say goodbye to those worries, with a ventilation system that provides low-impact, sustainable cooling that draws hot air from the top of the dome.

Easy Setup for Hassle-Free Adventures

Wouldn't it be cumbersome to install a tent with so many accessories? Not at all. While ensuring the effect, our designers simplify the structure of the tent to the greatest extent, and the entire assembly process can be completed by 3~5 people within 24 hours. If you have the need, please log in to the official website to consult, we will provide you with the most suitable price and the most perfect consumer experience. Booking in advance can often give you a head start, which will give you enough time to design this different kind of home.

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