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Explore Top 5 Glamping Collective in Japan with Shelter Dome


Add the luxury accommodation to attract more guests in the great outdoors

Glamping, called "extravagant camping" is the gateway to appreciate the natural view hassle-free. Japan, a country that currently places extra treatment into aesthetics and sanitation certainly does glamping like nowhere else on the planet.

These 5 glamping collectives please all your desires for glamping in Japan.

01 | Glamp Ocean, Futamichō Matsushita

1/ Private beach

Among the 125 buildings of the Ise Jingu Inner Shrine, Awamiko Shrine, standing silently on a cape, is the one closest to the seaside.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima was inaugurated in July 2020 as a glamping hotel on a personal beach guarded by the Awamiko Shrine.

2/ Glamping area with geodesic dome camping tent

The geodesic dome-style areas are as comfy and luxurious as those you would certainly locate in a resort.

While preserving the surrounding natural formations, we offer comfy service so that you can enjoy the great outdoors with all your senses.

With the finished living centers, the inside of the geodesic dome is as comfy and luxurious as a resort. While giving a relaxing glamping experience, the transparent bay window supplies the most effective view of the seaside and sunset. The guests could go to sleep while listening to the noise of waves, such a remarkable glamping experience.

We supply a tailored layout for interior space. For the insulation layer, our client makes the 5-themed glamping dome with the tinted.

02 | Glamprook Twin Dome Tent, グランルーク 飯綱高原

The Glamprook Twin Dome Tent, nestled in the serene area of Iizuna Highlands in Japan, notes an introducing venture in the world of outdoor holiday accommodation. As Japan's inaugural twin geodesic dome outdoor tents, it ingeniously blends a distinct feeling of unity with nature with the comfy confines of a cozy space, establishing a brand-new requirement for camping experiences.

Made with meticulous focus to information, the twin geodesic dome structure includes two distinctive areas - a living-room and a bedroom. This splitting up not only enhances room use however also enhances the total convenience and performance of the camping tent. The living area supplies a sizable environment for leisure and socialization, welcoming guests to unwind and delight in the serene surroundings. On the other hand, the room supplies a private retreat, making sure peaceful sleep in the middle of the serene appeal of the Iizuna Highlands.

Crafted from long lasting, top notch materials, the Glamprook Twin Dome Tent makes certain defense against the components while enabling adequate all-natural light to permeate the room, developing a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The outdoor tents's style harmonizes with the all-natural landscape, using impressive sights of the highlands with its transparent areas, hence obscuring the lines between indoor convenience and exterior grandeur.

Entering the Glamprook Twin Dome Camping tent, guests can leave behind the stress of daily life, immersing themselves in a relaxing sanctuary that assures a distinct blend of experience and harmony. Whether it's gazing at the stars via the clear dome roofing system or waking up to the gentle sounds of nature, the experience is made to rejuvenate the spirit and supply an unforgettable retreat right into the wilderness.

03 | Glamping Village Hajime, Hioki, Miyazu

For different facilities and living requirement in the campsite. We offer 2-themed accommodation, one is 7m geodesic done tent and another is cocoon house. Also, the 6m transparent dome tent is served as outdoor cafe.

Using different types of glamping tent could make the campsite more diverse. Compared with geodesic dome tent, the cocoon house could attract more guests with its unique appearance.

04 | 神戸天空 Kobe Glamping , Hyogo

In グランドーム神戸天空, 4 single beds are installed. It is a room type that emphasizes a sense of privacy with a dedicated relaxing space.

GLAMP DOME " Kobe Glamping", glamping collective, geodesic dome

05 | Comorebi Camp Hasamamachi Tokimatsu

Our client wants more pricing positioning of the accommodation. So we offer dia. 6m dome tent, dia. 8m dome suite and oval dome for the different living requirements. The guests will spend the best holiday with luxurious space design.

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