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What Are the Key Features of the Glamping Round Tent?


How popular are domes?

Dome architecture has been favored by designers from ancient times to the present, and there are many famous buildings such as Hagia Sophia, Pantheon, Taj Mahal, Rock Dome, US Capitol, St. Paul's Cathedral, Florence Cathedral, etc. Looking at the dome tent guesthouses that have exploded in China in recent years, you can see how much magic the dome has.

What are the features of the Glamping Round Tent?

Outside the tent is the world, inside the tent is the small home. Travel and life can be combined, walking on the road and having fun. Around the world, Round tent has long been a part of people's outdoor tourism and even life, with the improvement of living standards and environmental improvement, the lifestyle of outdoor exquisite camping will be favored by more and more people.

Glamping has more freedom and you can customize the site, custom dome tents, custom accessories, and much more depending on what you want to achieve, and under the guidance of our team of space planning experts, these spaces can be customized to your specific purpose.

We offer a holistic approach to space design that perfectly matches your intended use. Just share your needs and we have the ability to address and solve them. Say goodbye to any worries about the harmony of soft decoration sizes and directly reflect your unique ideas into the house.

geodesic dome kit

Glamping is close to nature while maintaining the comfort of users, in the nearly original camping campsite, sleeping in the luxury Round Tent, isolated from the threat of the original ecology, only the warblers in the shade of the morning wake, and the dew from the wind swaying in front of the door.

In order to ensure the stability of the dome, our dome adopts the latest international cutting-edge light body room construction technology, using modified graphene (EPS) as the main material, its strength is 100 times that of steel, not easy to age, not easy to rust and rot, while the design without beams and columns can also alleviate the resonance caused by earthquakes, making this new material stronger and more stable than traditional building materials, while maintaining insulation performance.

The dome house is warm in winter and cool in summer, the high-density EPS structure has excellent thermal insulation performance, and only a small amount of heating is used in winter and has excellent thermal insulation ability, and the sunlight shines through the internal skylight into the house, which can effectively save energy and create a comfortable living environment.

More versatile., you can design stoves, gas, etc. in the tent according to your needs, which greatly encourages foodies to cook and cook your favorite food! In addition, the shelter dome focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection, using environmentally friendly materials EPS materials to form walls, which will not produce harmful gases such as formaldehyde, and realize low-carbon green energy.

What else can Round Tent be used for?

star gazing domes

Whether for personal use or public space, round tent plays its part, providing comfort, functionality, and visual appeal to make ordinary events creative and memorable. It can be used as a venue for team building, music festivals, celebrations, private parties, and various trade fairs.

Compared to the complexity of other buildings, Round Tent only needs to be built to present the most perfect effect.

As you can see, Glamping Round Tent provides a great camping experience for new middle-class families, if you just need an outdoor camping solution, contact us and create your own memories together!

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