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What is the Superb Combination of Eco and ArtStay? Shelter Dome Tent!



As for the popular choice in the wild luxury world, glamping will definitely have its name. More and more young people and high-quality people will choose a unique and cozy travel experience in Shelter Dome Tent. Many big-name activities are also held in Shelter Dome Tent. Glamping hotels are mushrooming and popular on social networks, attracting countless hotel fans to check in.

Ⅱ.Design concept of Shelter Dome Tent

  1. Unique appearance design

The exterior design of Shelter Dome Tent is inspired by the beauty of nature and the geometry of the universe. The tent’s dome shape resembles a perfect geometric sphere, its seamless curves designed to imitate celestial bodies and mountains in nature. This unique look not only adds an artistic touch to the tents, but also allows them to coexist harmoniously with a variety of environments and landscapes.

The rugged landscape that is completely different from the city, the exotic Shelter Dome Tent, and a unique wild luxury experience all feel like returning to nature, making people feel extra relaxed and leaving behind precious and beautiful memories.

  1. Structural solidity and stability

Shelter Dome Tent uses sturdy materials and advanced structural design to ensure its stability and safety in various weather conditions. Not only does the tent's dome structure provide excellent wind resistance, it also effectively disperses rainfall, keeping the interior dry.

  1. Sustainability

The Shelter Dome Tent’s materials were chosen and built with environmental impact in mind. The tent's large windows and viewing modular deck provide stunning views and encourage appreciation and respect for natural beauty. In the vast wilderness, while looking up at the stars and admiring the exquisite decoration of the Shelter Dome Tent, it is particularly unforgettable and dreamy, and taking photos is also full of high-end feeling. This sustainable way of traveling not only allows people to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also helps protect the environment.

Ⅲ.The luxurious experience of Shelter Dome Tent

Shelter Dome Tent

The unique tent-style rooms are spacious and comfortable inside, equipped with air-conditioning and bright windows, extra-large beds, desks and a large bathroom. Such comfortable facilities and arrangements allow users to have a luxurious experience in a metropolis even though they are in the pristine outdoors with the door closed! It has high-end bathroom equipment and a dream tent. The best part is that it is pet-friendly and you can bring your beloved pets with you! In addition to the extremely comfortable tent, the hot spring is also a strong selling point, so you don’t have to worry about going in winter!

Through reasonable space planning and high-quality interior decoration, Shelter Dome Tent provides a comfortable living experience. From room temperature control to the complete range of in-room amenities, everything has been carefully considered to provide guests with luxury and comfort.


With a variety of glamping accommodation to choose from, including glamping tents and elegant safari-style cabins, when you embrace the great outdoors, Shelter Dome’s many options are sure to have something for you. We hope that by using the green nature, everyone can put everything down and return to zero, so that their mind and body can relax and recharge.

After experiencing the silence of January, the mild cold of February, the blooming flowers of March, and the growth of hair in April, during this period, the city repeatedly pressed the pause button due to the epidemic. We missed the bright and lively spring scenery, and we felt a little regretful. Fortunately, despite all our waiting, Shelter Dome Tent gave us the response and answer in the warm sunshine of early summer.

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