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Why a Geodome is the Ideal Glamping Unit for Your Resort – Part 1


Outdoor glamping activities can make us leave our worries behind and feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. To achieve this function, the geodesic dome is an ideal choice. It can provide lively atmosphere and keep people away from loneliness. Let’s get to know about what type of the lively activities a geodesic dome can bring to your guests.

Perfect glamping unit for the wonderful pet paradise

Pets give us happiness, which is undeniable. Everyone can be healed by looking at the smiles of pets. With a dome pets can go back to nature and run wild in a relaxed mood. If the weather is not that good, such as in a rainy day, pets can also watch the rain through the panoramic bay window of the geodesic dome. It can let the families with lovely pets to enjoy the rich natural scenery together with ease. What a rare opportunity to have fun and relax!

The right glamping unit for a creative way of party

Actually, people always feel felicific when they get together to talk all day. For us, the most important thing is a friendly companionship. With the busy work, the time spent with friends and family is rare and precious. And geodesic dome can make it even more splendid. It allow people to Invite intimate partners to the dome and spend all night in pleasant conversation with warmth. Dome can bring your guests deep memories.

2. Accommodation Interior Design

A glamping unit for the enjoyable feast

Good meals always have great appeal to everyone, which bring cheer to our heart. In the open air, the various ways to enjoy food, such as picnics and barbecues, are excellent themselves. Sit beside a cozy dome and clink glasses with your friends, which may be the best thing. Furthermore, in dome People can share their superior cooking skills and enjoy the rich ambrosia. Don’t miss the chance.

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