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Glamping Combines Nature and Luxury by Outdoor Oasis Dome Tents

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Ardenne Glamping Oasis

Project specific configuration and data

Site Introduction:Ardenne Camping
Site Name:Ardenne Camping
Construction Duration:one year
Dome Specifications:3 sets D6H3
Selected accessoriesinsulation, curtain, power sunroof, PVC window, skylight, glass door, solar fan
Location:Maboge 50 - B-6982 Maboge (La Roche-en-Ardenne)

Project background

Background of Ardenne Camping

In 2021, the Ardennes region has undergone a transformation and renaissance, becoming one of the most beautiful camping sites in the region. From scratch we have created a modern campsite dedicated to providing towable caravans, tents and glamping experiences. RVs also found a special welcome in this new land. Each caravan, tent and motorhome comes with generous private spaces, making everyone feel welcome and not just a place to park.
In order to enrich the camping experience, we have introduced a new type of camping tent, opening a new chapter in spherical luxury camping.


While maintaining traditional camping habits, we explored the possibility of introducing new luxury concepts to our customers. Dome tents are undoubtedly the best choice. It has low environmental requirements and has good resistance to wind and snow. At the same time, the interior space is luxurious and functional, including bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Ardenne Camping was born out of this exploration and idea, aiming to provide campers with an independent space to enjoy all the fun.

glamping dome tent


Environmental protection:
Located in the pristine Ardennes region, environmental protection requirements are high and the impact on the natural environment needs to be taken into consideration when developing campsites.

Climatic factors:
As the campsite is located next to the River Ourthe, there may be a risk of flooding during the rainy season1.

The local policy stipulates:
Possible local policies and regulations may impose certain restrictions on the development and operation of campgrounds.

Cost Control:
The construction and maintenance costs of dome tents may be higher than traditional tents, and it is necessary to effectively control costs while ensuring quality and safety.

Harmony with nature:
How to provide a luxury camping experience while maintaining harmony with the surrounding natural environment is a challenge that needs to be solved.

Market competition:
Facing the existing tent market, how to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of dome tents to attract more customers.

Ardenne Glamping Oasis
Ardenne Glamping Oasis

Features & Outcome

Ardenne Camping Oasis

The Ardennes campsite is a unique attraction in its own right and is even known locally as the "Ardennes Gorge". In order to protect this land, we decided to return the campsite to nature from November to March each year.

In front of the campground is a clear stream, providing customers with fishing and recreational opportunities. Surrounded by mountains, there are also multiple playgrounds, farms, orchards and children's amusement parks. Due to the large size of the campsite we have a range of communal areas such as toilets and seating areas.

The dome tent solves the enclosure problem of traditional lightweight tents and RVs. Its large-scale transparent part allows customers to enjoy the outside scenery even indoors without being affected by the weather. In order to enhance the viewing experience at night, we set up a transparent skylight on the top and equipped it with electric sunshades to solve the problem of direct sunlight in the morning.

Each dome tent is separated by grass to maximize customer privacy. Now, this campground has become a very popular place to visit.

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