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BALAN HILL GLAMPING: Luxury Meets Wilderness in the Glamping Domes

Experience Elegance in Nature at BALAN HILL GLAMPING

Project Details:

Built year:2022
Built duration:6 months
Sector:Glamping Dome
Dome size:14 sets of 6 meters, 2 sets of 10 meters, and a BOX
Selected accessories:curtains, doors, solar exhaust fans, glass ventilation fan
Location:No. 2-6, Wenzheng Lane, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555

Project background


BALAN HILL GLAMPING is taken from the Taiwanese word for Maoshan Mountain. BALAN HILL GLAMPING is located next to Jinlong Mountain in Yuchi Township, Nantou, adjacent to the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area. It is a native land covering an area of ​​nearly 2 hectares. The forest green space retains boundless Araucaria and has carefully designed garden landscapes, including beautiful bald cypress, diverse gardening and planting, ecological corridors and pools, creating a European town like a secret, leaving behind No worries and trivial matters, just enjoy the leisurely time and enjoy the happy time comfortably among the trees with your relatives and friends around you.

In addition to the dreamy transparent starry sky tent and the warm and comfortable carriage tent, the entire park includes chef specialties, BBQ and other delicacies, as well as various DIY experience activities



Chairman Liao Junqing was born in the manufacturing industry. The epidemic prompted him to reflect on the conflict between nature and civilization and then returned to his hometown of Nantou to build a luxury camping brand next to Sun Moon Lake.
Camp CEO Christina said that she doesn’t really like camping, so how to make people like him fall in love with camping is the original intention of the planning of "Balan Shanqiu", giving Star Ball and other resort-style leisure accommodations like Villas is the goal pursued by the camp.

Balan Shanqiu is positioned as an all-inclusive luxury camping service to establish market segmentation. Liao Junqing observes the busy life of modern people and defines "real luxury leisure as being able to completely relax and rest within a certain period of time." CEO daughter Liao Weiting said frankly that she was not used to outdoor activities and rarely camped in the past. After visiting camping plans at home and abroad, he teamed up with Chief Operating Officer Van to develop an all-inclusive experience that combines a star-rated hotel with a distinguished butler system, so that people who are not used to outdoor activities are willing to pack their bags and stay.


Following the concept of "coming from all directions, returning to all directions", Balanshan Hill has planned different camps according to the undulations of the terrain, planted native species, and used abandoned trees and stones recycled during land preparation to design the landscape. It strives to maintain the original environment and respond to environmental protection. Disposable supplies are provided.

In order to be more in line with luxury camping, there are a total of 23 campsites in the entire camp. The 12 starry sky spheres are each named after 12 ancient Greek gods. They are decorated with different interior elements and matched with handicraft door plates, giving them a unique style; 11 carriages The tent represents a European fairy tale town. The interior is made of cypress wood, with a large amount of natural logs incorporated. There are two room types: tatami mats and bunk beds, creating matching accommodation solutions for personal or family travel.

At the same time, a large ball with a diameter of 10 meters is used as the restaurant in the work area, and various functional areas of the entire camp are implemented in the form of spherical tents.

And the company's non-standard product Box has been transformed into a reception center with an artistic appearance.


The client's goal was to move the star-rated hotel outdoors. Taking into account Taiwan's local climate, they had to consider choosing an accommodation suitable for operation in all seasons. Star Ball's unique modern appearance, as well as its structure's high wind and snow resistance and thermal insulation characteristics, naturally made it the first choice.

In addition, the entire site planning was based on the elements of Greek mythology. The customer customized the number and design of the viewing belts for 12 different rooms, and customized each spherical viewing transparent window, which ensured the viewing field of view in each room, and also Achieve privacy in every room.
In order to improve the convenience of bathroom use, both tent types have moved the sink, toilet (with a toilet without sanitizer) and bathroom outside the cabin, completely eliminating the problems of moisture and odor that common tents have.


1. All platforms conform to the natural topography of the site. The entire accommodation site has 12 rooms in a U-shaped layout. The transparent landscape area in each room must be customized and designed according to the site’s movement lines.

2. Taking into account the protection and cleaning maintenance of the outer fabric of the starry sky room from various natural pollutions such as fallen leaves in the surrounding area, a routine maintenance instruction manual was drawn up for the customer to facilitate regular inspections as required by the customer.

3. Installation and construction issues. The customer is a non-professional team and has concerns about the overall installation including the platform and spherical accommodation body.

dinner domes, the dome restaurant

Features & outcome

The operation team reveals that some regulars like to come and stay at Bali Cedar Hills alone, a time to be alone in nature and have a conversation with themselves. "Quiet to a realm will be very happy to hear the symphony of nature, but also a good time to reflect, review life, as if watching their own movie, you can feel free to jump on the memories, in the evocation of life at the moment when the burst of new ideas, out of a different way."

Lao Dong's favorite place is his "Triad Courtyard", which consists of three sets of carriage tents that overlook the depths of the park. Around the back door of the carriage tents, there is also an open-air secret backyard where mountain cherry blossoms and wild vegetables are planted.

Looking up, the childlike team builds squirrels a cabin in the trunk of a tree; looking down at the meadow, a family of chubby hares pops up as a surprise.

After a year of operation, there are now thousands of people staying in the house every month. In the future, Bali Sugioka will continue to innovate, and plans for brand associations, developing more of its own merchandise, building an online shopping mall, and expanding its physical expansion sites are all in full swing.

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