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Enchantingly Luxurious Petrichor Estate Unveils The Ultimate Dome Experience


Project Details:

Built year:2023
Built duration:approx. a week
Sector:glamping dome
Dome size:

1 unit of 5m transparent dome

Selected accessories:solar extractor fan + glass window + curtain + glass door
Location: 935 Bald Knob Rd, Bald Knob, QLD, Australia, Queensland.

Project Background


In Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland, the client already has a fully equipped outdoor hotel that offers visitors an unforgettable stay. Here is a hidden paradise, surrounded by trees, nature and the divine spirit rule here.

However, the customer has always maintained the spirit of continuous innovation, eager to provide guests with a more fun paradise on earth. Out of this desire, the client decided to further improve the facilities of the hotel, so the idea of making a fully transparent accommodation dome was born. The fully transparent accommodation dome is set amid the magnificent views of the outdoor hotel, offering guests an intoxicating 360 degree view of the sea.


Imagine a private sanctuary, perched high on a hill,  where the world unfolds before your eyes.  At Petrichor Estate every moment is framed by the breathtaking beauty of  Glasshouse Mountains, the boundless ocean, serene turtle-shaped lake,  and rolling hills.  The estate is a treasure trove of romance,  offering visitors the chance to create memories from sunrise to sunset and under the starlit night sky.

Petrichor Estate is a private haven for tourists,  a secluded haven away from the world’s chaos. Romantic love stories unfold in a high degree of privacy,  and nature is the witness and companion of love. Whether it's an intimate proposal, a couple or group picnic,  or capturing a moment of love, this unique retreat is waiting to be discovered.

Now imagine the dome nestled amidst all these magical beauties. This enchanting dome offers a front-row seat to a  symphony of breathtaking views, where each moment unfolds like a love story written by the cosmos itself.  The dome,  like a crystal heart, stands as a testament to the power of love and the beauty of our natural world.

The core objective of the project was to increase the accommodation space for the hotel, transforming the free space on the site into a vibrant dome accommodation room. This addition goes beyond simply building construction, but aims to revitalize the romantic spirit of Petrichor, making the building a focal point of local culture, closely linked to the local historical context, and providing guests with interesting panoramic dome bedrooms. These domes are built on grounds that have been given "life enhanced by travel." As a complement to the existing buildings on the site, the layout of dome buildings is interpreted in a modern way.

outdoor living tents dome


Create a clear space and have a reasonable positioning; Use natural, trustworthy materials; Draw on the history of the existing outdoor hotel. The construction of the new dome accommodation required consideration of all these objectives, but most importantly, the active participation of the customer.

At the beginning, the customer communicated with us a lot of schemes, the most complex of which was a multi-Dome scheme covering a large size range. In the early communication process, the customer has done a lot of preparatory work, and even made the design drawing by himself.

We were invited as dome's supplier and gradually convinced the investors to change the original design to create an open floor plan, simplify the design, and change the facade if possible. The design needs to respect the existing system of the hotel. Therefore, the new layout attempts to create space in the dome with columns 5 meters in diameter.

The owner has his own insistence, from the design draft to the completion of the work, whether it is climate, temperature, humidity, each step at the foot of this is a carefully considered decision. Only by respecting the laws of nature can dome be more stable and let people get closer to nature more calmly.


1/ Unlock the Curtain challenge of the fully transparent Dome

The biggest challenge for the project was the production of curtains. Because the dome requires full transparency and is surrounded by curtains, while our regular curtains are only used to shield the bay window, this time we need to ensure the smoothness of the connection between the curtain tracks, so that the subsequent use will be smoother.

2/ The challenge of full transparency Dome in hot climates

In a hot climate, Petrichor Estate's new fully transparent dome was a huge challenge and an attempt to continue high quality design. But these challenges pale in comparison to the idea of a panoramic room.

The light and glass partitions and balustrades are connected by the material and contrasted with the wood and thin curtains, connecting the natural beauty with the nearly broken history of luxury in the dome interior. The interior characteristics of the lighting, making the overall atmosphere more peaceful and comfortable.

dome, event dome, luxury wedding dome
dome, cozy dome
dome, event dome, luxury wedding dome

Features & Outcome

1/ Embrace natural beauty

Petrichor Estate is set on 55 acres of private, exclusive land with exclusive natural beauty. Petrichor Estate is a luxurious and memorable sanctuary: offering stunning 360-degree sea views, glass houses, mountains and the surrounding lush rainforest to form a unique Australian skyline. Every tourist who goes to Petrichor Estate for a holiday will be captivated by the beauty and tranquility of this place, where every sunrise and sunset is a stunning display of nature's splendor.

The fully transparent dome accommodation ball brings a new, high quality, high-end accommodation space to Petrichor Estate. These Spaces serve as a link between the Glasshouse Mountains, the jungle and the lake, injecting a new energy and vitality into the estate. The key points in the design focus on the relationship between the dome accommodation ball and the natural views of the estate, creating a harmonious contrast with the public space atmosphere and the more intimate and intimate atmosphere of the dome courtyard.


2/ Ultimate Privacy and peace

How can a person feel protected? What can he do when he feels vulnerable? The question is usually accompanied by a scene or a memory of a frightened child hiding under a thin sheet, peering carefully out to find out what is going on around her. Covering oneself with the sheet is a subconscious action, revealing the self's instinctive consciousness; Underneath the sheets hides, protects, wraps and nurtures a space that is so safe and private that it keeps away all ghosts, spirits or demons around the room.

Petrichor Estate provides tourists with unmatched luxury space. Whether taking a romantic getaway for two, a family vacation or a peaceful private getaway, every visitor can fully immerse themselves in nature while exploring the virgin rainforest, relax and enjoy breathtaking views from every Angle.

At night, the magic of Petrichor Estate comes alive as the stars and galaxies light up the sky,  creating a truly exceptional experience. For looking for a romantic escape or a fun-filled family getaway, the secluded manor is perfect.

3/ Dissolve the boundary between man and nature

To dissolve the boundary between man and nature means that man and nature must coexist simultaneously without hindrance. Dome's main body, located in a small clearing in a forest-like garden, is inspired by the trees on the site and responds to the vertical orientation of the surrounding trees, while also allowing the transparent walls of the cottage to maximize the visibility of the landscape. Dome is a heartwarming nature spirit, and Petrichor Estate's World of Accommodation Balls teaches us how to live alongside nature.

4/ dome structure beauty

According to the owners, the main idea of the project was to create an unusual dreamlike experience in a mysterious jungle environment. The staggered buildings are set in the jungle with views of the sea ahead. The owners wanted to create the feeling of walking in another world, like landing on a floating boat, from a commanding position, safe and secure, with wild jungle right on their doorstep. Buildings are closely linked to each other, forming a village in the trees, a small floating society. The design in the owner's mind is very detail-oriented, combining tradition and modernity. Through Petrichor Estate, people can enter a dreamlike world between fiction and reality.

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