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Important Considerations for Building a Modular Glamping Deck



When it comes to investing in a modular deck for your glamping structures, understanding the process and relevant factors is crucial.

Discover the three primary considerations that every glamping business owner should keep in mind before embarking on the construction of a modular deck.

Consideration 1: Location Of The Glamping Deck

The first consideration when building a modular deck is the location. Take into account the breathtaking views your campsite offers and strategically plan the deck placement to make the most of the scenery.

You may consider extending the deck over a hill or shoreline to enhance the natural beauty surrounding your glamping structures.

Additionally, evaluate the presence of existing trees or rocks in your chosen location. While trees and rocks can be incorporated into the deck's design, it is advisable to clear the area beforehand if necessary.

Share pictures of your selected location with our team to determine the feasibility of building a modular deck.

Consideration 2: Understanding the Landform

Understanding the landform of your glamping site is essential before constructing a modular deck. Different landforms, such as concrete, sand, hills, mountains, coastlines, lawns, and riversides, require specific decking support footing solutions.   

Ensuring the compatibility of the decking support footings with the landform is vital to prevent an uneven or unstable deck.

Modular deck provides three footing solutions:

  • Cap pile footing: Designed for concrete ground or any hardscape.
  • Ground screw footing: Designed for sand, hills, mountains, lawns, coastlines, and riversides.
  • Diamond pier footing: Designed for lawns and riversides.

Consideration 3: Budgetary Planning

Budget considerations play a significant role in every decision related to your modular decking system, including material selection and deck size. It is advisable to define your budget early in the planning process to make informed decisions and avoid unexpected costs.

To learn more about our modular decking system or to obtain a budget estimate, feel free to contact us today. The Shelter Dome team will utilize a material cost calculator and the information you provide to offer you a comprehensive quote.

By considering these important factors, you can ensure a successful and visually appealing modular glamping deck that complements your glamping site's unique features.

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