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Creekside RnR Glamping: A Luxurious Hotel in New Brunswick, Canada

Creekside RnR Glamping

Project Details:

Built Year:2020
Built duration:10 days
Sector:Glamping, 5 accommodations, 3x clear domes
Dome Size:Dia 8 meters for living, Dia 4 meters for leisures
Selected accessories:Curtain fabric for insulation with a short pole
Location:New Brunswick, Canada

Creekside RnR Glamping: A Luxurious Hotel in New Brunswick, Canada

Project Background

Nestled in New Brunswick, Canada, Creekside RnR Glamping stands as an epitome of creativity and luxury in the glamping dome sector. With five accommodation facilities, three of which are transparent domes, it offers a distinctive experience for visitors. Our client, a local design firm also involved in the organic food business, envisioned a sanctuary where visitors could unwind, indulge in luxurious picnics, and connect deeply with nature.

Project Features & Highlights

The heart of this project is the Nordique de la Vie experience building, situated at the core of Creekside RnR’s natural forest. Beyond the captivating natural surroundings, it offers a comprehensive Nordic spa experience. From changing rooms, showers to outdoor hammocks, and fireplaces, every detail screams luxury and comfort. The red cedar sauna and hot tubs, in particular, provide a perfect relaxation space for visitors. The outdoor cold soak pool and cold bucket showers introduce a novel sensation, allowing guests to relish the warmth and sweat, juxtaposed with the thrill of cold water.

Project Challenges

Our initial discussions were with our client, Daniel. He showcased the Fdome project in Quebec and shared his extensive business experiences in China. Through our presentations and dialogues, Daniel expressed high regard for our expertise. His unwavering passion and insistence on the 3V design led us to adopt the 3V appearance and details. However, design and material selection posed significant challenges. Particularly in fabric selection, with the discontinuation of the JH1008 series of linen-cotton, after numerous discussions and compromises, we finally settled on the JH1008 series for insulation and curtains.

Project Outcomes & Features

After enduring efforts and collaboration, we delivered a pristine glamping dome project for our client. From the Stove Jack to the Pumping jack, every detail was meticulously designed and crafted. Especially during the installation, our 3V design showcased its unique advantages, not only in ease of installation but also in its surprisingly effective outcome. In its first year of operation, the client successfully recouped the costs, with events primarily centered around honeymoons, birthday parties, and babymoon trips. The loft design inside the 8-meter dome also emerged as a benchmark, setting a precedent for other projects.


Reflecting on the entire project, we are gratified to see our efforts bear fruit. From challenges to triumphs, every step was laden with learning and growth. We believe that with our expertise and experience, future glamping dome projects will only soar to greater heights.

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