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Desert Dome: A Seamless Blend of Glamping and Modern Comfort

Santa Fe Super Dome: Premier Glamping Experience 2021

Project Details:

Project:Santa Fe Super Dome
Built year:2021
Construction Duration:Approximately one month
Sector:Glamping Dome
Dome Specifications:1 unit of 7m dome
Key Features:insulation, curtain, solar extractor fan, triangle windows
Location:Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Santa Fe Super Dome

Project Background


The client decided to start an Airbnb business in Santa Fe. Considering the long-term operation, stability, and weather resistance, the dome seemed to be the right choice.


For outdoor hotel accommodation


Santa Fe Super Dome

1) In October 2020, the client asked us about 5m to 7m accommodation balls, we also discussed the possibility of 10m or other sizes, even different Glamping tent instead of just dome. initially, there was no specific requirement for the size of the ball and the type of house, but all sizes were considered, and finally we decided to go with the 7m diameter, the most popular size of accommodation ball.

2) After about a month of communication on the details, we decided to place an order for the 7-meter diameter dome at the end of the year, and completed the production at the beginning of 2021, which took about 2 months from production to delivery.


The project is located in Sante Fe canyon area, the environment is very vast, there is no shelter around, so compared to safari tent these traditional types of Glamping accommodation tent dome is undoubtedly the most suitable. Especially the client has designed tree houses for outdoor hotel projects in tropical areas before, so the client still has more knowledge about outdoor accommodation tents.

The local climate has a big temperature difference between daytime and nighttime, and it may be hot and stuffy during the daytime when the weather is sunny, so the exhaust fan should be turned on all the time. When the temperature is low, it is best to turn off the exhaust fan.

The dome's quick setup also makes building a campsite very convenient. Especially for remote wilderness, this is crucial for any outdoor campground or hotel.

Santa Fe Super Dome
Santa Fe Super Dome

Features & Outcome

Located just south of Santa Fe off of Highway 14, this project is nestled in an ancient canyon, the coolest place in Santa Fe. With 360-degree views of all the mountains in the area, glistening with exquisite sunsets, this is the ultimate desert camping experience. There's heat, showers, and king-size beds inside, plus a private chef service, and it's totally pet-friendly.

Santa Fe Super Dome
Santa Fe Super Dome

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