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Dome House: Revolutionizing Long-Term Temporary Accommodation

dome house, geodesic dome cabin

Project Details:

Project:Private use, no camp name
Built year:2023
Built duration:approx. a week
Sector:glamping dome
Dome size:Dia 6 meters x 1 unit
Selected accessories:glass door + solar extractor fan + glass window

Project Background 


Dome House: The Premier Solution for Transient Residences

Confronted with the necessity of securing temporary lodgings, a growing number of clients are gravitating towards dome houses. This preference is anchored not merely in their distinctive architectural allure but also in their pragmatism and aptness for extended habitation.

Resilience to Diverse Climatic Conditions

Dome houses boast a design that caters to the full spectrum of climatic conditions throughout the year. Their architecture and the materials employed in their fabrication empower them to seamlessly resist robust winds, heavy snowfall, and other inclement weather phenomena. This steadfast resistance guarantees that, whether in the sweltering zeniths of summer or the icy depths of winter, dome houses maintain a hospitable and congenial environment.

Architectural Integrity

One of the foremost merits of dome houses in the realm of temporary accommodations is their architectural integrity. The geodesic configuration is not just visually captivating but also efficacious in mitigating external forces, enhancing stability and safeguarding occupants. This architectural prowess equips dome houses to withstand severe meteorological challenges, upholding occupant safety.

Expedited Construction

Divergent from conventional edifices, dome houses shine with the advantage of accelerated and straightforward assembly. This attribute renders them a quintessential solution for pressing housing exigencies. Within a brief span, a commodious and fully operational abode can be established, primed for habitation.

Suited for Extended Stays

While conceptualized as transient housing solutions, the caliber and comfort embedded in dome houses render them superb for extended or semi-permanent stays. The internal area is capacious and offers versatile layout options to cater to diverse resident preferences. Furthermore, the interior can be tailor-made to individual tastes, encompassing aspects like thermal insulation, aeration, and decor, thereby ensuring resident comfort.

In conclusion, dome houses, with their versatility in weather endurance, structural robustness, swift assembly, and suitability for lengthier residency, stand as the exemplary choice for temporary accommodation. Be it for exigent shelter or protracted habitation, dome houses present a pragmatic and snug dwelling option.

dome house


Temporary accommodation plan, with dome house instead of regular accommodation, quickly landed and put into use.


Because it is used for long-term accommodation, the most important consideration for customers at the beginning is of course weather resistance, which must be applicable throughout the year, especially in summer and winter, and the configuration can be basically determined. As a designer, the client is meticulous in selecting colors and confirming layout. The subsequent process was smooth because the customer was very cooperative.

dome house

The sun pours into the cozy dome house.


Because there is no frequent cleaning and maintenance, there are long-term accumulated stains on the outer cloth, and subsequent cleaning will be more difficult. Now the default standard of our production is to use the transparent tarpaulin part as a separable part, so that if the outer cloth needs to be replaced many years later, only the transparent part needs to be replaced, saving cost and energy, and can also more directly make the entire dome house look new.

wooden geodesic dome house
dome house with a cozy bed

Features & Outcome

The dome house is finally built on a high point, and it is very pleasant to have a direct view of the sea through the transparent bay window in front of it. The interior is decorated in a natural style. The dining table and stools are placed in the front view area, which is perfect for relaxing at ordinary times.

In addition, when the customer feedbacks the pictures, it has just been built. After a long time and then adjust the right amount of tight, the state of the outer cloth will be better and tighter.

dome house

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