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Dome Hotel: A Blend of Luxury Dome Camping and Nature in Chiba

Ducale Hotel Kujukuri: Luxury Camping & Nature Retreat in Chiba

Ducale Hotel Kujukuri

Project Details:

Site name:Ducale Hotel
Built year:2022.04.30
Sector:Glamping Dome 
Dome Size:Dia 6 meter x 13 units, Dia 7 meter x 5 units,Dia 8 meter 6 units
Built duration:3~6 months, several locations
Selected accessories:dome frame + cover + insulation + curtain + vent + solar fan
Location:Ao 2315-28, Kujukuri-machi, Mibu-gun, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Project background

The Duke Hotel Kujukuri Town, was directly contacted by a successful businessman, Mr. Sun (Mr. Igarashi), through a freight forwarder, who slowly transformed his main business from high-end stationery to RV camps + small hotels. And in 2018, through financing, the small hotel was officially upgraded to a 4-star hotel, and at the same time, a number of unused sites around the small hotel were acquired and leased to create a high-end chain of wild luxury campsites by the Chiba seaside.

Based on the time, our company already had two mature channel agents, encountered such a chain brand of hotels A, I began to conceptualize how to build the channel, after our internal discussions in various departments, formalized the short-range line 3V, and has become the main structure now.

This is a facility where you can fully enjoy the Ninety-Nine Mile area surrounded by nature and filled with a sense of openness. This is a facility where you can fully enjoy the Kujukuri area surrounded by nature and filled with a sense of openness. This is a comprehensive resort that offers a variety of lodging options, including "Garden Hotel" (Garden Hotel), "Torella House" (Trailer House), and "Glamping" (Luxury Camping). "
We welcome you here with the idea of "enjoying nature at your own pace" without the hassle of setting up tents and preparing meals.

Ducale Hotel Kujukuri
  • Morning

Enjoy the first sunrise in Japan, have a barbecue at Kujukuri Beach during the day surrounded by nature, and host a party at night in an exciting garden illuminated by a beautiful starry sky.


Ducale Hotel Kujukuri

1/ The difficulty of this project was not in the advancement of business, but rather in the local approval of the construction. As the client needed to build the entire accommodation experience according to the hotel standard, it was impossible to avoid the time-consuming process of planning and approval and various adjustments.

2/ Transparent cloth to cope with high temperature, the effect of salt on the beach is very obvious. The tightening details of the outer fabric were not as ideal as it should have been.

3/ Further development of the public area.

Features & outcome

01 The long awaited luxury camping facility opened at Ducale Kujukuri. Apart from the coveted dome tents, we also offer cottages with lofts and decks. No doubt it will make your trip more fulfilling!

Ducale Hotel Kujukuri

02 Fantasy space
6 meters, 7 meters, up to maximum capacity of 8 large rooms

Ducale Hotel Kujukuri

03 It's a great place for dining, lounging, and outdoor entertainment.

Ducale Hotel Kujukuri
Ducale Hotel Kujukuri
Ducale Hotel Kujukuri
Ducale Hotel Kujukuri
Ducale Hotel Kujukuri
Ducale Hotel Kujukuri

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