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Starry Nights and Sustainable Delights: Eco domes Glamping

Eco-Friendly Glamping in Wales: Luxury Domes & Nature

Project Details:

Site name:Big Barn Camping
Built year:2023
Built duration:approx. a week

Sector & 

Dome size:

Glamping, 2 units of 6m dome
Selected accessories:insulation, solar extractor fan, stove jack, skylight, triangle windows
Location:Lower Cresswell Bwlchnewydd Road, Laugharne, United Kingdom
Eco-Friendly Glamping

Project Background


The client's Big Barn Campin Campground has been in operation since 2018 and features some traditional outdoor camping accommodations such as camping tents and barn pods to name a few. In an effort to expand the campground and bring in some new fun, the client inquired about dome tent in mid-2021.

Big Barn Camping prides itself on being an environmentally friendly family campground with amenities like picnic benches and fire pits at no extra charge. Stargazing Glamping Domes and Little Barn Eco Camping Pods demonstrate the area's commitment to sustainable tourism. Since August 2018, a tree has been planted with every booking, contributing to the creation of new woodland and hedgerows. The site's environmental initiatives extend to composting toilets, solar lighting and a robust recycling program.


To increase the amount of accommodation space on the site, enriching and expanding the camping experience at the site and creating new and engaging experiences for guests


Eco-Friendly Glamping

1) There are certain requirements for import customs clearance in Europe. Before placing the order, we shared with the customer the process of ordering, transportation, and customs clearance of previous customers, and we confirmed the details of tariffs, packing, etc. in advance.

2) The customer completed the import qualification application before going into the details of the product, at this stage the customer sent us his design sketches, mainly the position of the stove jack and curtains need to correspond to the site to make some adjustments, we synthesize the customer's ideas and our product standards to finalize the CAD drawings program. After that, it's production, transportation and customs clearance according to the process.


For any dome with stove jack, out of safety and reasonableness considerations, we have to comprehensively follow up the placement of beds and other furniture settings, so the design of the dome needs some preliminary communication. In addition, for customers who do not have much experience in importing, we will give other customers in the same area samples for reference. From the initial consultation to the final project landing, there is no absolute challenge, all the problems just need a certain communication will be able to solve.

Features & Outcome

The client finally chose the dark green color, and the result was the same as we expected, very natural integration, not at all abrupt. In addition, the client also chose the transparent skylight, so that when the weather is sunny, you can lie on the bed and look at the stars.

The area where this campsite is located is rich in nature, with farms, forests, sandy beaches, old castles, etc., making it a great place for a relaxing vacation.

In addition, Big Barn Camping has won the title of Travelers' Choice in 2022.

Eco-Friendly Glamping
Eco-Friendly Glamping
Eco-Friendly Glamping
Eco-Friendly Glamping
Eco-Friendly Glamping
Eco-Friendly Glamping

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