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Elevate Interiors: Eco Dome Spaces in The Port of Hamad

eco dome space

Project Details:

Built Year:


Built duration:

3 days


Event dome

Dome Size:

Dia40m, 25m,20m, 10m*1 unit

Selected accessories:




Project Background

1. Background

Qatar's Hamad Port is the country's main port and is located in the southern part of Doha's Umm Al Khor region. Construction of the port began in 2010 and in December 2016 it began operations.

It was officially opened in September 2017 and is expected to be fully operational by 2020 The port can handle up to 7.8 million tons of cargo per year, most of which is food and construction materials.

Port Hamad is the largest environmental project in the region and is internationally recognized as one of the largest green ports in the world.

2. Objective of eco dome space

The commencement of the harbor marks a pivotal moment on the national stage, and our customer sought a novel outdoor venue to host this significant occasion.

Their request was for a distinctive and pleasant eco dome space for event setting within the open vicinity adjacent to the port, characterized by rigorous specifications for a transient, readily adaptable, and individually tailored architectural arrangement.

3. Implementation

Through the planning and docking with the high-end foreign event team, the client finally decided to use a more curvaceous spherical structure space, combined with the internal 360-degree projection eco dome space to tell the historical significance of the construction of the entire port.

Through the communication, we learned that the client had planned the entire venue into several different sizes of functional areas, including the main release area, the equipment area, the catering service area, etc., and according to the layout of the venue for each of these functional areas, the client had to design and build a new structure for the port, which would be the most important part of the port's construction layout.

Based on the layout of the geodesic eco dome space and the general movement of the guests, our team provided the client with the proper dimensions for each of the different functional areas.

We also took into account the internal light, the flow of people, and the number of entrances and exits, as well as the passageways between the different functional areas, and then planned and designed a total solution for the geodesic dome and the smaller eco dome space.


Features & outcome

1. Professional settlement reports

According to the specific environment of the client's project, our team has made rigorous structural calculations and designs and produced a set of structures that can meet the local wind load and provide professional settlement reports, so that the client can eliminate concerns about safety.

2. Transportation of eco dome space

During the design process, we considered the limitation of transportation in advance and customized the structure and outer fabric to ensure that it meets the requirements of air transportation.

3. Eco dome space for event construction plan

Through internal coordination of various resources, we used 20 days to complete the production and delivery efficiently, and made a full set of construction plans in advance, including the required equipment, manpower, and daily construction work plan.

4. Additional assistance-Public space dome

At the same time, we fully considered the limitations of foreign tools and made our own special lifting tools in advance to assist the construction. Eventually, Shelter Dome also sent senior engineers to the foreign site to coordinate and guide the installation of the entire eco dome space project and completed the construction and delivery of the eco dome space within the specified time.


Throughout the process, the versatility of the public space dome's structure, its unique appearance, and the efficiency of the company's team made it possible to hold such a historic event.

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