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Enchanting Glamping Retreat: Solar ECO Dome House in Cidra

Unique Glamping Experience in a 2020 Dome in Cidra's Forest

Cidra's Forest

Project Details:

Built year:2020
Built duration:6 months
Dome size:1 set D6H3
Selected accessories:curtains, door, solar exhaust fan, glass ventilation fan

Project background


The Lost Dome Glamping: A special accommodation in the forest, created by owner Felix, the site of the B&B is located in a dense forest, surrounded by coconut trees. There is no public highway to get there, so visitors must drive to a certain parking area and then get out of the car and walk for about 10 minutes to get to the accommodation. Because it is purely in nature, far from the city center, there is no public electricity on site, only solar power, the purpose is to achieve the residents to be away from modern technology and electronic products, away from the pressure and hustle and bustle of the city, and fully enjoy the beauty of nature. 

In order to achieve absolute privacy, the site provides only one accommodation unit to achieve absolute privacy, the main target audience customer groups are couples vacation.

Cidra's Forest


Lost dome!!!! In a magical place within a forest, where you can camp comfortably. You will enjoy unique privacy, so you can disconnect from routine and connect with You will enjoy unique privacy, so you can disconnect from routine and connect with yourself and nature.

The concept was created with the intention of leaving the comfort zone, clearing your mind of any routine and busy lifestyle. have to walk inside the forest along its paths that will lead you to the place.


Customer from the site selection, to determine the specific accommodation program, procurement to the entire project took about 6 months, the landlord's own hobby of outdoor adventure, the do-it-yourself ability is very strong, in addition to the spherical structure of the body purchased from China, including other platforms, railings, outdoor showers and so on, are all locally sourced, on-site carpentry, cutting and installing, the outdoor bathtubs are the use of firewood heated on-site, the reference to the natural underground water source, so that customers can make a natural water source.

The outdoor bathtub is also heated by firewood on site, quoting the natural underground water source, so that customers can really experience pure natural outdoor enjoyment. The customer ordered the spherical structure at the same time to start the construction of the site foundation, first with the company's technical team docking to confirm the footprint of the spherical, combined with the customer's outdoor platform hammock, bathtub layout, etc. designed in addition to a reasonable platform structure area, the site will be the first overall platform area first fenced up to protect the other existing vegetation will not be damaged.

According to the load program provided by the company, the customer on the overall platform for a reasonable support layout, the subsequent construction of the spherical structure of the customer combined with the construction instructions, and the video successfully completed the construction.

Cidra's Forest
Cidra's Forest
Cidra's Forest
Cidra's Forest


1. Local transportation is inconvenient, no public highway facilities, only artificial way to transport materials, the site potholes, increasing the difficulty of construction;

2. Because it is located in the forest hinterland, the protection of outdoor mosquitoes, insects, and animals, the sealing of the spherical structure is a great test.

3. Located in the absolute countryside suburbs, the temperature difference between day and night is big, the night is wet and cold, and the problem of heat insulation and condensation needs to be fully considered.

Cidra's Forest

Features & outcome

Cidra's Forest

1. The customer has planned and designed the basic stone base route in advance, solved the problem of muddy roads, and transported the materials in batches by simple small trailers;

2. The company's unique two-layer skirt design of the outer fabric, the inner skirt can be directly fixed with the platform directly with the pressure strip, to achieve absolute sealing protection, while also playing a waterproof role;

3. Recommend a reasonable window program when the customer purchases, and inform the customer in advance when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor exceeds how much, the customer needs to improve the ventilation of the entire indoor space through other means to reduce condensation and regular inspection and maintenance of the spherical rod, to ensure that it is in a good state of rust-free.

The entire white sphere is like a white pearl set in the green forest, allowing the lodger to experience absolute privacy and the tranquility of nature, with more than 150 reviews on Airbnb and an average rating of 4.88.

Cidra's Forest

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