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Transition from Bell Tent to All Season Sunroom Dome

River Belle Glamping

Project Details:

Site Name: River Belle Glamping
Established: 2021
Construction Duration: Roughly one week
Industry: Glamping
Dome Specifications: A single D5H2.5 unit
Key Features: Insulation layers, drapes, solar-powered ventilation fans, stove outlets, triangular openings
Location: 800 Upland Road, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

Project Background of River Belle Glamping


Prior to seeking our expertise, the client managed a glamping site outfitted with modular container lodgings and a Bell Tent. The ambition now was to switch out the Bell Tent for a Geodesic Dome, elevating the allure and standard of the campsite.


The revamping of the lodging space aims at enriching the visitor experience and amplifying the competitive edge of the camp.

Glamping Spots

Project Execution

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

The client reached out regarding the lodging dome via our official portal before the year-end holidays in 2020. During the early dialogues, the client articulated the desire for a dome with a 5-meter diameter. A series of interactions enabled our sales personnel to grasp the client's precise requirements and anticipations for the dome, establishing a solid groundwork for the ensuing phases of the project.

Discussion and Validation of Setup

Given the year-round functionality, extensive conversations were held with the client regarding the dome's weather-enduring setup. Following several discussions, we suggested a well-insulated material and incorporated heating mechanisms within the dome to maintain a cozy interior during chilly winters.

Design Modification and Approval

Based on the site requirements and the aesthetic of the surrounding terrain, our design squad refined the arrangement of add-ons, notably the doorway locations. Multiple alternatives were presented, and after numerous deliberations with the client, a pragmatic design that catered to the client's needs was finalized. Post this, the CAD illustrations were generated and ratified by the client.

Manufacture and Dispatch

Post design validation, the manufacturing phase was initiated promptly. The dome and its accessories were fabricated as per the agreed-upon standards and timeline. Upon completion, sea freight was arranged to transport the dome and its components to New Zealand in a timely manner.

Construction and Realization

On arrival, our assembly crew liaised with the client to schedule the dome's setup. The erection of the dome was successfully accomplished, adhering to safety and quality protocols.

Project Handover and Client Reaction

Once the dome was erected, the project was handed over and the client's feedback was solicited. The client expressed immense contentment with our offerings and service, especially praising the dome's weather resilience and accessory layout. This endeavor not only elevated the guest lodging experience but also enriched our project portfolio with invaluable experience.


River Belle Glamping
River Belle Glamping

Analyzing Client Requirements

The client had explicit preferences concerning the placement of dome add-ons, particularly the layout of the doors, stove inlet (Stove Jack), and the transparent Bay Window upfront. The positioning of these elements not only impacted the dome's functionality and safety but also client contentment and project triumph. Hence, a thorough understanding and analysis of the client's requisites were pivotal for the smooth progress of the project.

Diverse Design Propositions and Communication

  • Bay Window: The client wanted a Bay Window facing the campsite’s primary vista. Our design brigade suggested numerous solutions, utilizing 3D visualization diagrams to provide the client with a tangible understanding of varying solutions, ensuring the final choice aligned with the client's aesthetic and practical expectations.
  • Door Placement: Doorways needed strategic positioning for effortless access to pathways, eateries, or washrooms. Based on the client's site layout and operational flow, multiple doorway location plans were proposed and after numerous discussions with the client, the optimal door location was ascertained.
  • Stove Jack Positioning: Safety dictated that the Stove Jack be positioned away from the bed and clear tarpaulin. Our technical crew appraised diverse stove opening locales for safety and practicality, also considering the influence of the stove opening location on the dome's internal temperature.
  • Technical Squad Guidance and Recommendations:
    Our technical squad offered proficient advice and solutions in response to the client's specific demands. Through exhaustive discussions with the client and several plan modifications, we not only fulfilled the client's expectations but also ensured the dome's safety and functionality.

Client Response and Plan Refinement

Throughout the plan validation and execution phase, close rapport was maintained with the client, collecting feedback promptly, and making requisite optimizations and adjustments to the plan as per the actual circumstances. Our adaptability and professionalism were acknowledged by the clients, paving the way for the successful conclusion of the project.

Features & Outcome

Situated in Egmont Village, New Zealand, this project harmonizes with the stunning natural backdrop, accentuated by the client's meticulously designed camp. Particularly, the decorative flora in front of the dome window contributes a touch of elegance and charm to the entire camp. In 2022, River Belle Glamping was honored with the Airbnb New Zealand "Best Nature Accommodation" accolade. The transition from a Bell Tent to a Geodesic Dome has undeniably elevated the lodging experience. Despite its modest 5-meter diameter, the dome is well-appointed, catering to the fundamental requisites of year-round operations, offering guests a comfy and distinctive lodging ambiance.

River Belle Glamping
River Belle Glamping
River Belle Glamping
River Belle Glamping

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