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Experience Nature at Minenohana:Viral Glamping Haven by Suncity Camp

Minenohana Glamping

Project Details:

Built Year:2022.04
Built duration:10 days
Sector:Glamping, 8 accommodations,
2 reception domes
Dome Size:Dia 10 meter, Dia 8 meter,Dia 5 meter
Selected accessories:panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding doors
Location:Mount Fuji.,Japan

Minenohana Glamping Haven by Suncity: Luxury Domes at Mount Fuji Base

Project Background

Minenohana is an upscale Glamping Dome project nestled at the base of Mount Fuji. The project comprises 8 accommodation units and 2 reception domes.
The diameters of these domes are 10 meters, 8 meters, and 5 meters respectively. The 10-meter hemisphere structure features panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding doors, while the 8-meter accommodation dome boasts the market’s largest transparent design.

Project Objectives and Vision

Our goal is to provide a premier Glamping experience for everyone. Situated approximately 100 minutes by car from the city center, the location boasts picturesque surroundings throughout the seasons. Whether it’s cherry blossoms, fresh greens, fragrant grass, hydrangeas, autumn leaves, snowy landscapes, or the starry skies beneath Mount Fuji, customers are offered an exquisite escape from the urban bustle to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Design and Planning

The project’s journey from initial planning to fruition involved intense communication spanning half a year with a first-tier Japanese architectural designer and a domestic design team. The design team meticulously considered terrain, environment, and client requirements, striving for perfection in every detail.

Challenges Faced

During the collaboration with the Japanese designer, they had to navigate considerations around materials, colors, and features, while ensuring adherence to Japan’s architectural material standards. From the very moment we were first contacted by the client’s designer, we commenced introducing users to the characteristics of raw materials. Despite our established track record of deploying numerous products and projects in Japan, the Japanese designer meticulously delved into the specifics of each material, color, and attribute. Whether it was PVC, its weight affecting its traits, color variations in alternative materials, thickness, light-blocking capabilities, or fabric textures, an all-encompassing approach was adopted to craft interior aesthetics and accommodation experiences. This immersive experience epitomized the artisanal spirit of Japanese design.

The Japanese designer also demonstrated remarkable prowess in the planning phase. Leveraging the advantages of the terrain, they skillfully laid out platforms, oriented the spherical landscapes, and seamlessly integrated peripheral facilities. Each accommodation unit’s view remained unobstructed by neighboring domes, ensuring both privacy and panoramic splendor were harmoniously balanced. Of notable mention is the custom 10-meter dome, which underwent meticulous scrutiny to adhere to Japan’s architectural material standards in terms of color, weight, and glass composition, owing to its role in subsequent project details. Numerous other intricate considerations were attended to as well. To enhance the project’s implementation, we further elucidated its fire resistance and light-blocking attributes to the users.

Features & outcome

1. This is the first time we have designed a 10-meter span glass mountain wall in a cultural tourism project, and the test run went smoothly with good feedback from the users;
2. Although we received some complaints from the neighboring residents in the first year of operation, the business was still very popular, and the project has become a popular spot for the Kawaguchi River Mt. Fuji Glamping in 2022.
3. The program has also been featured on the front page of travel platform websites such as Airbnb, and has been recommended and endorsed by the official website.


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