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Geodome in Shanti Wellness Sanctuary

Project Details:

Built Year:



Glamping hotel

Sector2:Wellness retreat
Dome Size:

Dia 6 meter x 6 unit , Dia 10 meter x 1 unit

Selected accessories:

Curtain, triangular roll-up windows


Batangas, Philippines

Project Background


In 2021 the customer found us on social media and planned to expand their campground with a dome tent.

The client was not sure if the spherical shape would be a suitable choice, so he had a lot of communication with us in the month before placing the orders, giving the client references and suggestions in terms of weatherproofing, layout, ventilation, etc. The client said that the maximum temperature in the Philippines would go up to 40 degrees Celsius in summer so that the campers would be able to enjoy the warmth of the rainforest in the country.

Especially because the Philippines has a tropical rainforest climate, the customer said that the highest temperature in the summer will go up to 40 degrees Celsius.

In order to provide a comfortable accommodation environment for the residents must solve the problem of indoor humidity and stuffy heat.

At that time, the client also asked us about other Glamping tents such as Thai Villa Tent, Cocoon House, Mono Peak Lodge, Pearl Oval Tent, etc., but in the end, he chose the dome tent because the Glamping dome is the most weather resistant and the most comfortable among all the Glamping tents.

The Glamping dome tent is the most weatherproof and economical choice among all the Glamping tents.


The aim is to significantly expand the Glamping site by adding more lodging units and enhancing the overall guest experience within the accommodation space.


Dome tent

In April 2021, we began communicating with the client regarding a camping tent. They ended up choosing a dome tent. We provided the client with full project details to help them determine the most suitable size.


Kitchen and bathroom

The client planned to have kitchen and bathroom facilities outside of the domed accommodation space, so a customized solution was required. Two doors were custom-designed on the same geodome: one to act as an entrance and the other to lead directly to the kitchen and bathroom next to the tent hotel.


3D renderings

Recognizing the client’s focus on the design of the project, our team worked closely with them at all times. We not only refined the existing design drawings, but also provided a set of 3D renderings. These effects allowed the client to visualize the end result more visually and promoted the project with previews that worked wonderfully for the promotion of the project.


Ventilation windows

We have plans to bring new accommodation to our camping dome hotel. Specifically, we intend to use a set of 10 meter long dome tents as reception areas or saunas. These dome structures will be designed with natural air ventilation in mind, with as many ventilation windows as possible to ensure a comfortable and refreshing experience for our guests.


Fast build speed

Following the program’s confirmation, we swiftly proceeded with the order, overseeing production, packaging, and transportation. By August of that year, construction commenced. The advantage of the dome tent being a fully prefabricated product allowed for a speedy assembly according to the provided drawings. Consequently, the project was up and running shortly thereafter.


Tailoring this project proved to be a demanding task, primarily because of our commitment to upholding the overall stability of the geodome structure. We strived to align with the client’s design preferences while safeguarding the structural integrity of the geodome. Consequently, an extensive exchange of ideas and compromises on certain specifics were essential during the proposal validation phase to guarantee the most successful outcome.


This exquisite 5-star hotel enjoys a prestigious location in Batangas, Philippines, offering residents effortless access to the region’s abundant attractions and dining establishments. Situated just 58.4 kilometers from the nearest airport and a mere 15 kilometers from the bustling city center, it perfectly blends convenience with luxury.


We offer a variety of high-quality lodging options for discerning guests. In addition to our gorgeous lodging options, our hotel also boasts a wealth of facilities designed to enhance our guests’ stay. These include refreshing massages, a peaceful indoor swimming pool, a soothing hot bathtub , and beautifully landscaped gardens throughout the hotel.


To meet the diverse needs of our guests, the hotel also offers a pet-friendly service and a 24-hour reception service. Ensure that they can all enjoy a memorable and perfect stay at our hotel.

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