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Eco-Chic Glamping Hotel: A Serene Haven in Hocking Hills State Park

Eco-Chic Glamping Hotel in Hocking Mountain State Park

luxury glamping, glaping hotel,glamping dome

Project Details:

Site name:innatcedarfalls
Built year:2021
Built duration:3 months

Sector & Dome size:

glamping dome, Dia 9 meters x 4.5 units
Selected accessories:curtains + doors + solar exhaust fans + insulation + glass breathable Windows
Location:21190 State Route 374, Logan, OH, United States, 43138

Project Background

The husband and wife owners Zac and Lauren were both engaged in real estate related industries in their early days. Based on their familiarity with real estate and real estate investment, when the husband Zac first came to the Inn and Spa, he was attracted by its long natural and cultural history. After a comprehensive evaluation, the owner decided to buy the land and run it with his wife.

Because the site is so close to Hocking Hill State Park, it has natural geographical advantages, from various hiking trails to fantastic wildlife viewing, Hocking Hill State Park is truly a sight to see. This 2,356-acre Ohio State park is popular with visitors who visit Ash Cave, Cedar Fall, Old man’s Cave, Conkle’s Hollow, Rock House, Cantwell Cliff.

Each area has unique features and hiking and climbing trails of varying lengths and difficulty, but wherever you walk to Hogan Hill State Park, you’ll still be able to see magnificent blackhand sandstone cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and hemlock forests!

Multiple ways to relax at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls Located in an area backed by nature, the spa is the perfect place to escape the stresses of everyday life. Enjoy a popular service at the Cedar Falls Water Center: relaxation packages and combination services. 

Body services include wraps and scrubs. Advanced facial treatment. A variety of massage options. Reiki therapy and ionic foot bath. 

A wealth of additional services for a first-class experience.

Take part in events, it’s one of our favorite things to do in Hocking Hill. There’s always something exciting going on in Hocking Hills. From holiday-themed celebrations to music festivals, visitors can find events of interest to you.

luxury glamping, glaping hotel

Taste the local flavor: You deserve to treat yourself when you’re on vacation! Between events, you can enjoy some of our region’s finest cuisine at the on-site Kindred Spirits restaurant.

luxury glamping, glaping hotel,glamping dome
luxury glamping, glaping hotel,glamping dome
luxury glamping, glaping hotel,glamping dome
luxury glamping, glaping hotel,glamping dome


To make full use of the geographical advantages of the national park and the natural ecological resources to create a unique accommodation experience that integrates characteristic accommodation, outdoor geological landscape appreciation, rock climbing, hiking, physiotherapy, gastronomy, etc.


At the early stage of the site, the customer already had a lot of wooden house accommodation resources, which are hidden and trees, and there are wooden houses for group accommodation of up to 12-15 people. Considering to provide a customized private accommodation experience for single families and couples, the owner decided to use the starry sky to create a small accommodation unit after comparison and consultation. A platform deep in the path was chosen to build a glamping hotel.

The design team took “the combination of urban form and natural landscape” as the entry point of the Cedar Falls Hotel. The landscape design takes full advantage of the natural topography of the site and implements ecological concepts as a solid strategy. On the other hand, various Spaces and connections are presented and created in different aspects, forming a sense of rhythm and hierarchical landscape system strategy. 

Glamping hotel convey the concept of ecological conservation and conservation to visitors, so that visitors can feel and understand the sustainable concept of ecological protection and practical actions in a natural and relaxed environment.This has significant ecological value for the surrounding Hocking Hill State Park.


1/Overcoming Terrain Challenges: Customized Solutions for a National Park Location

The glamping hotel’s location near a national park presented an unprecedented challenge to our work. The park plot is undulating mountain, most of the space height difference is steep, walkability and accessibility is very low. The gentle areas that can be used as park activities are very limited.
The project site has strict restrictions on material transportation and construction activities, requiring us to ensure the smooth progress of the project without causing damage to the site. Therefore, our professional technical team thoroughly studied the irregular terrain information provided by the customer, and customized the non-standard platform solution for the specific environment. 

We know that in such a beautiful natural environment, every step of construction needs to be carefully arranged to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Our solutions are designed to help clients build solid platforms in difficult terrain, thus laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of projects.

2/ Environmental Integration: Olive Green Cloth Covering for Sphere Structure Protection

During the specific implementation of the project, due to the dense forest surrounding the project site, its fallen leaves may cause pollution to external facilities such as the sphere structure used in the project and affect the viewing effect. 

To combat this problem, we recommend the use of olive green cloth covering, which not only better integrates with the surrounding natural environment, but also effectively keeps the structure clean, reducing the number of maintenance work and reduce the difficulty of maintenance work.
Glamping dome is built in accordance with the principles of nature, respecting the characteristics of the site, the natural landscape and the ecosystem, Cedar Falls Hotel and Spa to achieve the balance of development and ecological protection of resources. Minimize the negative impact of the project construction on the topography and vegetation community, and create a comfortable, fresh and favorable environment for tourists.

3/ Ensuring Smooth Installation: Professional Technical Guidance and Support

In addition, considering that the client is not a professional construction team, there are certain concerns about the overall installation, including the platform construction and the spherical accommodation. To this end, we provide professional technical guidance and after-sales support. Our goal is to ensure that we help our customers with the necessary maintenance and operational knowledge so that they can complete their installation smoothly and efficiently. Our team works with our customers to the best of their ability to ensure they feel at ease throughout the installation process.

luxury glamping, glaping hotel,glamping dome
luxury glamping, glaping hotel,glamping dome

Features & Outcome

The Cedar Falls Hotel and Spa is a model of sustainable luxury and environmental stewardship, nestled in the charming embrace of Hogan Mountain State Park. This outstanding hotel has been awarded green certification, demonstrating its commitment to ecological conservation and sustainable practices.

The hotel’s unique location, surrounded on three sides by the lush trees of the park, offers guests an unparalleled intimate connection with nature. The park’s diverse and impressive geological features, including blackhand sandstone cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and hemlock forests, form a natural extension of the hotel’s backyard, allowing guests to directly enjoy the tranquil beauty and outdoor adventure that Mount Hogan State Park offers.

Such a good design is not just finished in the drawing. The growth and persistence of the landscape, with the participation of people, intersymbiosis, integration with the region, become a local natural landscape.

At the Cedar Falls Hotel and Spa, guests are invited to immerse themselves in an environment that harmoniously blends comfortable upscale accommodations with the pristine beauty of the surrounding landscape. This integration not only enhances the guest experience, but also promotes a deeper appreciation of the natural world.

Glamping dome maximizes its connection with the surrounding natural terrain by “embedding” the building’s volume into the natural terrain.The hotel’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its operations and customer service, ensuring that every stay has a positive impact on the environment.

With this perfect blend of luxury and nature, Cedar Falls’ hotels and spas set a new standard for environmentally friendly leisure, offering a unique and memorable experience for discerning travelers seeking serenity, adventure and intimacy with the natural world.

Glitzcamp aims to provide customers with efficient and safe solutions based on protection and respect for the natural environment. Through our expertise and attentive service, we are proud to help our clients complete their projects in such a special location as Hocking Hills State Park.

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