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Geodesic Domes Glamping in Glamprook Nagano, Japan

Luxury Geodesic Domes Glamping in Nagano, Japan | Glamprook Shelter Twin Dome Tents

Shelter twin dome tent

The camp is built with an adjoined camping dome which relates to the diameter 5m and diameter 6m dome. The special design creates a bigger space and achieves an effect of clear space function division, providing a perfect visual field and privacy for the guests. The living room is equipped with fully transparent French windows and skylights which cut the block between the guest and nature. Guests can enjoy the scenery in the room by the window.

Enjoy camping at Glamprook+Japan Spacious and practical design:

Our connected dome tent is a combination of two domes, perfectly large enough to give more comfortable living.

Our well-designed layout can be divided into different functional areas, including a sleeping area, living room and additional storage space.

Because shelter dome wants guests to experience a luxurious, home-like space while immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

Get in touch with nature:

Do you know what the essence of camping is? It’s the connection with nature. So to enhance this experience, our living rooms feature fully transparent windows and are also fitted with skylights.

These thoughtful touches perfectly bridge the gap between guests and nature, allowing for beautiful and spectacular views of the surrounding area. 

Why not pour yourself a cup of tea, sit by the window, and enjoy the view from the comfort of your recliner?

Privacy & Serenity:

For our guests, ensuring privacy and security is a key point in being able to enjoy camping, so we value your need for privacy and tranquillity during your camping trip.

Our shelter double dome tents have been created with this in mind. With its smart division of functional areas, it makes sure that guests can enjoy their private time in their personal space without compromising on the camping experience of being in close contact with nature.

Unforgettable Memories:

At Shelter Dome, we believe that every camping trip should be a precious memory. Whether it’s a family adventure or a journey in search of romance, a double dome tent is the ideal choice for you.

Imagine having your dome tent beautifully decorated with flower flaps and lights, soaking yourself in the beauty of nature, sharing the moment with your loved ones, and making the camping experience a memory that will last a lifetime.

Experience the dome difference:

High quality:

Our twin dome tents are made from very high-quality materials to ensure durability, not to mention protection from the elements.


With years of experience in building dome tents, our team is well-equipped to turn the idea of a camping paradise into reality.

Incredible Comfort:

Comfort is also key to ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience, from cozy bedding to the conveniences at your fingertips, the Shelter Dome prioritizes your comfort during your camping trip.

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