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Geodesic Domes Glamping in Glamprook Nagano, Japan

Shelter double dome camping tent

This innovative outdoor geodesic domes glamping website includes an unique structure made up of 2 interconnected domes, one with a diameter of 5 meters and the various other including 6 meters. This resourceful architectural style not just increases the size of the living space yet additionally develops a distinctive splitting up of areas within, offering visitors both a large sight and sufficient privacy. Central to the living location are completely clear French home windows and skylights that dissolve any obstacle between the inside and the natural world outside. 

This thoughtful integration enables visitors to submerse themselves in the awesome landscapes without stepping outdoors, offering a smooth link to nature. Whether it's the vivid sunup in the early morning or the peaceful starlit sky in the evening, the scenic views are just memorable. The camp's style thoughtfully combines contemporary deluxe with the raw charm of nature, making certain that every moment invested right here is both comfortable and totally connected to the open airs. Visitors can luxuriate in the calmness and beauty of their environments, making it the ideal glamping domes resort for those looking to leave the stress of day-to-day life and reconnect with nature.

Enjoy geodesic domes glamping at Glamprook + Japan Sizable and functional layout:

Our connected dome camping tent is a combination of two domes, completely big sufficient to offer more comfy living.

Our well-designed design can be separated into various useful locations, including a resting area, living space and additional storage space.

Because sanctuary dome desires guests to experience an extravagant, home-like space while submersing themselves in the appeal of nature.

Contact nature:

The perfect spirit of camping is undeniably about creating a deep and meaningful link with the natural world. In our endeavor to elevate this experience to new heights, our meticulously developed living rooms are embellished with expansive, totally clear home windows and equipped with tactically put skylights. These meticulously taken into consideration features act as a smooth conduit between our visitors and the awesome charm of the outdoors, facilitating an unique, immersive geodesic domes glamping experience.

Visualize the straightforward pleasure of drinking a newly made favorite, nestled conveniently in a deluxe recliner chair positioned completely by the window. From this comfy perspective, you're invited to lose on your own in the stunning views that unravel prior to you. Whether it's the calm dancing of the early morning haze as it raises from the landscape, the vivid palette of a sunset painting the sky in tones of orange and pink, or the peaceful charm of a clear, star-studded night skies, every moment offers a stunning display screen of nature's grandeur.

Personal privacy & Tranquility:

For our guests, making certain personal privacy and safety is a key point in being able to appreciate camping, so we value your need for privacy and tranquillity throughout your camping journey.

Our sanctuary dual dome tents have actually been produced with this in mind. With its smart division of useful locations, it ensures that visitors can enjoy their exclusive time in their individual area without compromising on the geodesic domes glamping experience of remaining in close contact with nature.

Extraordinary Memories:

At Shelter Dome, we believe that every geodesic domes glamping trip must be a priceless memory. Whether it's a family journey or a trip in search of love, a double dome tent is the perfect selection for you.

Envision having your dome tent wonderfully enhanced with blossom flaps and lights, soaking yourself in the beauty of nature, sharing the minute with your loved ones, and making the camping experience a memory that will certainly last a life time.

Experience the geodesic domes glamping difference:

1/High top quality:

Our twin dome camping tents are made from extremely top notch products to guarantee sturdiness, and also defense from the components.


With years of geodesic domes glamping experience in structure dome tents, our group is well-appointed to transform the idea of a camping paradise right into fact.

3/Incredible Convenience:

Comfort is additionally key to making certain that you have a delightful experience, from relaxing bedding to the benefits at your fingertips, the Shelter Dome prioritizes your comfort throughout your outdoor geodesic domes glamping journey.

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