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Harmonizing Greens: Murasakizuka Golf Club’s Luxury Camping Domes

Nature-Infused Luxury Domes at Murasakizuka Golf Club in Tochigi, Japan

Project Details:

Year of construction:2019.08.29
Sector:Living dome diameter 6 metres x 3 units
Construction period:1 month
Selected accessories:dome frame + covering + insulation + curtains
Location:2068 Sootome, Sakura, Tochigi 329-1414 Japan
Murasakizuka Golf Club

Project Background

Located at Haga Farm, Luxury Campground, Shizuka Golf Club, and Azalea Hills Country Club, these locations allow one to relax the mind in the embrace of nature. It is a wonderful time to talk freely with family and friends and enjoy each other's company. The colourful activities fill every moment with excitement and joy. Even those who are not used to camping can easily enjoy the outdoors here. By combining camping with golfing, a unique holiday style is presented. Barbecues under the stars and conversations in nature will become precious memories.

Being in the 350,000 square metres of forests and pastures, you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and find a connection with nature. In the fast-paced life, we often feel led by time and lose ourselves. And here we can rediscover our inner peace, spend quality time with family and friends, celebrate memorable anniversaries and recharge our batteries for life. Whatever the occasion, there is a corner here to linger in.


Murasakizuka Golf Club

1/ The project consists of 3 sets of accommodation spheres with a diameter of 6 metres, located in a very pristine forested area with a relatively complex infrastructure. As the project is located in a more remote area, the maintenance and construction support conditions are more difficult. In addition, due to the natural conditions of the forested area, there may be challenges with weather, soil and other environmental factors that may affect the construction schedule and final quality.

2/ The delivery of the 3 sets of accommodation spheres is very tight and needs to be completed within the stipulated timeframe. Due to the unique nature of the project and its geographical location, a very high level of fault tolerance was required for every detail of the product. Any minor errors or delays could negatively impact the final delivery of the project and customer satisfaction.

Features and Achievements

01 Rooms are equipped with large windows to make you feel connected to the forest. With a cosy bedroom and softly lit bathroom, you are guaranteed a good night's sleep so you can relax. Look up at the starry sky from the terrace living room, or lie on the hammock to enjoy the time of reading and feel the tranquility in the forest.

Murasakizuka Golf Club

02 Three high-end golf courses.

Shizuka Golf Club: Located in Japan, this 27-hole championship golf course with 70-metre wide fairways and flat terrain consists of three courses: Shijia, Katsushiro and Saotome. This golf club not only offers a quality course, but also introduces a new iPad-type vehicle navigation system in 2023, making it easier for players to find targets on the course.

Murasakizuka Golf Club

Azalea Dunes Country Club: Located in Japan, this golf club features 18 holes with individual layout designs, surrounded by 300-year-old azalea trees and a total of 20 trees of 30 other species, providing a beautiful and serene environment for players. The teeing area enables smooth downhill shots, while the final green is fronted by bunkers that require players to take extra care. It is about 6 kilometres from the motorway and has an excellent location and relatively flat site.

Murasakizuka Golf Club

03 The Forest Pool is surrounded by lush greenery and an open location overlooking the sky and distant mountains. There are a variety of activities to choose from on the forest trail, such as insect collecting in the summer and acorn collecting in the autumn. In addition, you can also enjoy the unique pleasures of the forest and pasture by moving around on the basketball court and watching the spectacle of thoroughbred horses running.

Horse Riding

04 The project also boasts natural hot springs, and the men's bath and guest-only women's bath have been completely renovated. The ladies' bath has individual cubicles and dressing rooms, providing residents with a great place to relax and unwind.

Murasakizuka Golf Club

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