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Glamping Shelter Merges Luxury with Nature’s Bounty

Finca El Mundo Verde: Eco-Luxury Glamping in Málaga

Project Details:

Project:Finca El Mundo Verde
Built year:2022
Built duration:approx. a week
Sector:Glamping Dome
Dome size:1 unit of 6m dome
Selected accessories:insulation, curtain, solar extractor fan, skylight, automatic shades, triangle window, wooden door
Location:Diseminado Chozas, 54, 29718 Triana, Málaga, Spain
Finca El Mundo Verde

Project Background


The client is in the real estate investment and management industry, providing vacation rental management services with an experienced team giving professional market knowledge to ensure high occupancy, guest satisfaction and rental income growth. However, the client also has its own outdoor hotels/campgrounds, which are more traditional homes..


Increase in campground lodging space, enrichment and expansion of campgrounds. 


As usual, the dimensions of the dome were determined, and then the configuration, appearance, design, etc. were confirmed. It took some time to set up because it was the first time.


Finca El Mundo Verde

The local environment is hot all year round, so the ventilation and cooling inside the dome is very important. In terms of ventilation, in addition to the basic triangular window and glass round window, solar exhaust fan is also a must, the addition of solar exhaust fan ensures the internal air circulation, and in the hot summer, the locally installed air conditioning system provides the necessary coolness.

Features & Outcome

The camp has a large orchard, which is full of fruits in the harvest season. Visitors can experience the fun of the harvest season here, as the abundant sunshine in the area makes the growth of tropical fruits such as bananas, mangoes and figs extraordinarily fruitful. These gifts of nature can be touched directly by opening the wooden doors of the tents. In addition to the orchard, Finca El Mundo Verde offers amenities such as a pool and spa, allowing visitors to enjoy nature while experiencing modern comforts and conveniences.

Finca El Mundo Verde, outdoor dome tent
Finca El Mundo Verde
Finca El Mundo Verde
Finca El Mundo Verde

This accommodation sphere is perfectly in keeping with the natural style, not only increasing the accommodation space of the camp and enriching the choices of the visitors, but also demonstrating the commitment of the client to nature and sustainability. The dark green exterior and pine doors are the closest color to the natural landscape, and the client chose skylight to add a fun touch to the accommodation experience.

Finca El Mundo Verde
Finca El Mundo Verde
Finca El Mundo Verde
Finca El Mundo Verde

Through this innovative approach to accommodation, Finca El Mundo Verde has not only increased occupancy and guest satisfaction, but has also generated increased rental income for the client, making it a bright spot in the real estate investment and management industry.

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