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A Unique Dome Glamping Experience that Living in a Dome

Project detailed configuration and data

Year of completionMarch 2022
Construction time1 month
Dome Size:Living Dome 6m diameter x 6 units
Selected accessories:dome frame + covering + insulation + curtains.
Location:442 Ajigauracho, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 311-1201, Japan
Ibaraki CocoHawaii Glamping Resort

Ibaraki CocoHawaii Glamping Resort: Luxury Meets Nature in a Hawaiian Oasis

Project background

This time we introduce CocoHawaii Glamping Resort Ibaraki (formerly known as EAST COAST FINEGLAMPING Ibaraki Hitchinaka), which is operated by FINEGLAMPING Co., Ltd.
The company is a company specializing in the management of luxury camping facilities. It was formerly known as Dream Garden Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in landscaping garden design and construction. It officially opened in April.
The design concept of CocoHawaii Glamping Resort Ibaraki is to “provide a tropical luxury camping vacation experience closest to Hawaii.”
Many guests’ first reaction upon check-in is, “Is this Hawaii?” 

When hearing that guests felt comfortable, as if they were at a tropical resort, and were completely satisfied with their stay, we are convinced that our mission is to serve them by Providing a “Hawaiian style luxury camping vacation experience”. CocoHawaii is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, with convenient transportation and easy access from the city center to the resort. At the same time, it can provide you with an extraordinary experience as if you are in Hawaii. Want to spend a relaxing time glamping in harmony with nature?


The project has 6 sets of 6-meter accommodation balls and 4 sets of 4-meter transparent balls.

  • Climate challenges:

Precipitation: Ibaraki Prefecture’s climate is a temperate maritime climate, with relatively large annual precipitation. This may impact the speed of construction and routine maintenance, particularly the selection and maintenance of coverings and insulation materials.
Temperature changes: Temperature changes in the area can be large, and it is necessary to ensure that the dome structure and insulation materials can adapt to temperature changes in different seasons to provide visitors with a comfortable accommodation experience.

  • Terrain Challenge:
    Ground smoothness can be an issue and proper ground preparation is required prior to construction to ensure safety and stability.
    As projects aim to provide a close-to-nature camping experience, a balance may need to be found between maintaining the natural terrain and environment while providing necessary amenities.
  • Construction and daily maintenance challenges:
    Speed of installation: The construction time of the project is 1 month, which may require efficient construction and installation processes to ensure completion on time.
    Material Selection: The materials selected needed to be able to withstand Ibaraki Prefecture’s weather conditions while meeting the design concept and visitor comfort needs.
    Maintenance of transparent balls: The accumulation of oil and dirt on the transparent parts may affect the visual effect and visitor satisfaction, requiring regular cleaning and maintenance.
    Facility Maintenance: Good maintenance is key to ensuring visitor satisfaction and keeping facilities running well. This includes cleaning, repairing, and updating facilities, as well as dealing with any structural or facility issues that may arise.
Ibaraki CocoHawaii Glamping Resort
  • Customer Satisfaction and Expectation Management:
    Since the design concept of the project is to provide a “Hawaiian-style glamping vacation experience”, it may be necessary to manage customer expectations through design, service, and marketing strategies to ensure that they are satisfied with their vacation experience.

Characteristics and achievements

Yurts are available on a “site” basis.
1 site configuration
• Main tent (bedroom)
• Capacity: 2 to 5 people
• Dimensions: 6 meters in diameter, 3 meters in maximum height
• Air conditioning facilities: air conditioners, ventilation fans, air purifiers
• Equipment: electric kettle, desk lamp
• Electrical facilities: sockets, lighting, Wi-Fi
• Security features: door locks

Also included is a campfire patio (dining space) with a star tarp and a sub-tent with a restroom and shower.

Swimming pool
Boasting a rare heated water function in the Kanto region, CocoHawaii’s signature swimming pool is located in the center of the resort and is exclusively for guests. It is a beautiful oasis during the day and transforms into a charming night pool at night.
Area: 4 meters wide and 10 meters long
Water depth: 0.6 meters shallow and 1.2 meters deep
Function: The heat pump operates from spring to autumn, so it can be used as a heated pool.

“Indiana Bob’s Tent Sauna” will open in the fall of 2022, a sauna designed specifically for CocoHawaii guests.
Sauna room appearance: Home sauna experience
The unique triangular tent filled with the aroma of cypress is open only to guests, so you can enjoy the sauna with family and friends at any time.
Four men and women enter the sauna
110℃ high-temperature sauna experience
Family pool experience

After working up a sweat in the sauna, use the pool to cool down with a cold bath. After emerging from the pool, you can relax on a beach chair.

living in a dome
living in a dome

Ibaraki Prefecture’s new attraction “WILD BUGGY FOREST” is now available in CocoHawaii, where you can experience the excitement and fun of private off-road vehicle driving! Driving through Ibaraki’s mysterious forests is an exciting experience. From April 2023, non-guests will also be able to participate.

The instructor will teach you how to drive an off-road vehicle, so there is no need to worry even if it is your first time. Driving lessons are adapted to your driving level.

Differences from other off-road vehicle areas
Our facility is located in the forests of Ibaraki Prefecture, and unlike other facilities that charge ¥000 per lap, our instructors provide comprehensive instruction and gradually increase the difficulty based on your driving skill level. There’s plenty of time, 60 minutes, to enjoy.

living in a dome
living in a dome


Shelter Dome perfectly integrates various cultures and elements to create unique campsites and special activities. Each campsite has its own irreplaceable character and location.

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