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Innovative Geodesic Homes: Ecolibrì & Shelter Domes' Success

geodesic home
Built Year:2021
Built duration:10 days
Sector:event dome
Dome Size:1 set D8H4
Selected accessories:insulation, curtain, round glass window, triangular roll-up window
Location:“Ecolibri” SRL ,Viale delle Industrie 25,20864 Agrate Brianza,Italy

Ecolibrì srl and Shelter Domes:

Ecolibrì srl and Shelter Domes: 
Pioneering Renewable Energy Collaboration in the European Market In the realm of renewable energy, the collaboration between Ecolibrì srl and Shelter Domes has marked a significant milestone. Dive deep into their journey of innovation and challenges in the European market.

Project Background

Established in 2016, Ecolibrì srl has been a beacon of dedication in the renewable energy sector, with a particular emphasis on wind and solar power. Their evolution from a startup to an international powerhouse is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and brand integrity. Over the years, Ecolibrì has carved a significant niche in the global market, partnering with top-tier suppliers and seamlessly integrating a plethora of products under the Ecolibrì brand umbrella. 

Today, their diverse product range stands as a hallmark of renewable energy solutions. Upon encountering our innovative spherical product on Alibaba, Ecolibrì swiftly discerned its integration potential, leading to its incorporation into a novel product line. This strategic pivot was designed to amalgamate their flagship products with Shelter Dome, birthing a revitalized product series.

With a profound synergy between their offerings and our spherical design, a preliminary market study steered them towards an initial sample showcase, blending their products with ours. This tactic was envisioned to expand their clientele, prolong the sales trajectory, and set the stage for a deeper strategic alliance, especially in the European domain.


The alliance between Ecolibrì srl and Shelter Domes is rooted in a mutual vision: aligning human necessities with the rhythms of nature. By fusing solar and wind energy with state-of-the-art housing solutions, we aim to deliver an unmatched consumer experience. This integration, serving as a powerful gateway, aligns seamlessly with our product suite and the overarching objective of harmonizing the Ecolibrì srl and Shelter Domes brands. Our partnership transcends mere business ties; it's a quest to bridge two brands under the banner of sustainability, innovation, and unparalleled quality.


A: Our in-depth research unveiled a burgeoning demand for camping sites within the European demographic. Capitalizing on their prowess to cater to camping site energy needs, Ecolibrì crafted a sample display zone within their facility. This singular structure, though compact, bore immense strategic and intrinsic value. Merging solar energy with our cutting-edge spherical design not only addressed energy quandaries but also set a new gold standard in sustainable architecture. Drawing inspiration from Milan's global acclaim for design, Ecolibrì ensured their blueprint echoed the architectural ethos of Europe. 

B: As a seasoned entity fortified with specialized design, sales, and marketing brigades, and a spectrum of promotional channels, the fusion of the sample triggered a phenomenal response. We equipped Ecolibrì with all essential materials and insights, playing a pivotal role in the project's triumph.


Product Detailing for the European Market

Navigating the European market necessitated intricate product detailing, especially when integrating with their indigenous products in a showroom ambiance. In our pursuit to align with EU benchmarks, we proactively secured European standard certifications, validating that our joint products met the stringent criteria.

Understanding Ecolibrì's Energy Solutions

Beyond our core offerings, deciphering the intricacies of Ecolibrì's solar and wind energy solutions demanded collaborative brainstorming to pinpoint optimal strategies.

European Aesthetic Resonance

Our design blueprints steered their interior aesthetics, culminating in a design that resonates with European sensibilities.

Navigating Rigorous European Construction Norms

The rigorous European construction norms called for exhaustive reviews and elongated timelines. Our provision of detailed CAD documentation and computations aided Ecolibrì in streamlining the construction phase.

Promotional Visuals and Pre-sales Tools

Joint deliberations revolved around leveraging samples for promotional visuals. Ecolibrì mobilized models and a filming crew, while we furnished select video content for editing. Comprehensive pre-sales tools, including catalogs, were handed over for compilation, resulting in a robust promotional arsenal.

Features & Outcome

The fluid integration of our solutions with Ecolibrì's offerings amplified brand resonance, aligning Ecolibrì srl and Shelter Domes on a unified front. Transitioning into ambassadors, Ecolibrì successfully erected three camping sites between 2022-2023. Showcasing our samples, embellished with the Shelter Dome insignia at expos in Milan, the UAE (Ecolibrì's subsidiary), and across Europe, bolstered brand visibility manifold. Our collaboration remains robust, with a promising horizon ahead.

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