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Luxury Glamping Bubble Tent in the Bellissimo Grande Project

Bellissimo Grande & dome

Project-Specific Configurations and Data

Site name:Bellissimo Grande
Year of completion:2020
Construction period:approximately one month
Dome Size:1 set D25H10
Location:Strada Veteranilor, Nr. 1, Buzau, Romania

Project background

The background of Bellissimo Grande

At the beginning of the project, the client expressed interest in a 450 square metre indoor spherical event space, but the exact dimensions had not yet been determined. As this structure is semi-permanent, it has specific requirements for wind loads and snow loads. In order to ensure the feasibility and safety of the solution, in-depth communication was required to determine the specific design and construction requirements and to ensure that the client's vision was aligned with that of the technical team. During this process, the following points need to be considered:

Dimensions and design: In-depth discussions were held with the client to define the dimensions and design requirements of the spherical structure to meet the needs of the event space and to ensure the safety and stability of the structure.

Climatic and geographical conditions: Due to the variety of climatic and geographical conditions in Romania, different design and material choices may need to be considered to ensure that the structure is able to withstand wind and snow loads and adapt to different terrain conditions.

Policies and regulations: Romania's building codes and climate policies need to be considered to ensure project compliance, and relevant licences and approvals may be required.

Material Testing and Technical Documentation: Provide relevant material test reports and structural technical documentation to demonstrate the safety and reliability of the structure and provide the necessary technical support to the client.

Transport & Logistics: As Buzzeo is a railway hub, logistics and transport arrangements may need to be considered to ensure smooth progress and on-time completion of the project.

Bellissimo Grande
Bellissimo Grande

Through in-depth communication and technical analyses, Shelter Dome helped ensure that the project was successfully implemented and met the client's needs and expectations.


The spherical structure is primarily used for event celebrations and catering services.


1) At the end of 2019, the client made an enquiry via the official website
2) After discussion, the exact dimensions and top height of the spherical structure are confirmed, a quotation is provided, and relevant material test reports and structural technical documents are provided to the client.
3) Considering the weight of the product and the preparation of engineering staff required, estimate the final packaging data and container loading programme, and advise the client on subsequent collection and local transport.
4) Confirm the programme through CAD drawings and provide 3D design renderings so that customers can view the product effect more intuitively.
5) Complete the production, shipping, construction and project landing process.

large event dome tent


The project is located in the Romanian city of Buzeo, a region with a temperate continental climate similar to that of Romania as a whole. The city of Buzeo is located in the south-eastern part of Romania and serves as a railway hub connecting Bucharest to Moldova and Transylvania to the Black Sea coast. Its proximity to trade routes made it a commercial centre in the past and an industrial centre in the 20th century.

Topographical conditions:
The geographical diversity of the region results in three different types of climate: mountainous, hilly and plain.
The city of Buzzeo is surrounded by many rivers, such as the Buzzeo, the Râmnic and the Calmatui. These rivers may have an impact on the climate and soil conditions of the area and may influence the design of the drainage system for the project.
As the area has a temperate continental climate, it may be challenged by winter snowfall and wind loads, which may affect the design and construction of semi-permanent structures.
Local Policy:
Romania's climate action policy requires member states to develop national energy and climate plans for the period 2021-2030.
The current state and priority areas of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Romania may affect the environmental compliance and sustainability of the project. 

Features and Outcomes

The project is located in Buzeo, Romania. This 25 metre diameter spherical space is mainly used for celebrations, weddings and other events. In addition to the indoor event space, there is a large swimming pool and outdoor relaxation space, as well as first-class food and band services. The spherical space has witnessed many weddings, creating happy and fond memories for the newlyweds.

Bellissimo Grande
Bellissimo Grande

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