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Seeking an ECO Airbnb Dome Experience? Check out Luna Lodge Tasmania

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Built Year:August 2020
Duration:August 2020
Sector:Glamping with 8 accommodations, including 2 domes for lodging
Dome Size:8 & 9 meters in diameter for living, 4 meters in diameter for leisure
Accessories:The electric sunshade was one of the earliest additions.

Luna Lodge Tasmania: A Blend of Luxury and Nature: 
Tucked away in a scenic agricultural haven, Luna Lodge Tasmania stands just a short 30-minute journey from Hobart. This sanctuary marries opulence with the raw beauty of nature. Each of its two bespoke geodesic eco-domes offers a distinctive experience: imagine indulging in a bath carved from stone, outdoors, with the world stretching out before you. This isn’t just about luxury; it’s about immersing oneself in nature without compromising on comfort. The lodge’s setting, amidst 40 acres of verdant pasture and dense woods, promises a retreat where serenity and rejuvenation come naturally. 

A Base for Exploration and Intimate Animal Encounters: 
But Luna Lodge is more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to Tasmania’s wonders. With iconic spots like Richmond, Coal Valley vineyards, Port Arthur, and Maria Island within easy reach, exploration is always on the agenda. Yet, the lodge itself beckons guests to stay in. The vast domes, equipped with every modern amenity, invite relaxation. Whether it’s a leisurely walk on the farm, a quiet evening with a book, or sipping local wines under a canopy of stars, Luna Lodge ensures every moment is special. Moreover, the bond formed with the resident Scottish Highland cattle, playful pygmy goats, and other friendly creatures adds a touch of magic to the experience.


Project Timeline and Design Adjustments

The two spherical accommodations for the project were established over a year apart, with the 8 meter dome being the first. To match the farm’s ambiance, the client demanded extensive landscaping and lighting. After numerous discussions and five rounds of detail adjustments, the exterior design and interior style of the first dome were finalized.

Electric Retractable Skylight

The option for an electric retractable skylight evolved from the first design iteration and was entirely DIY for the client. Even after our trial setup, there were discrepancies in the final installation sequence, leading to an order change for the framework installation method.

Second Phase Procurement

After a year of full bookings, the client was more confident in procuring products for the second phase. We discussed the theme and activities of the first campsite and quickly settled on the size and interior elements. For the 9-meter dome, the client used prefabricated partition walls, leading us to renegotiate the spherical structure details.

Addressing Quality Issues

We had to address post-sale quality issues amicably with the client regarding the dome structures.

Pending Installations

Two transparent 4-meter domes are yet to be installed, and updates are eagerly awaited.

Features & Outcome

Luna Lodge Tasmania offers not just a glimpse into farm life but also a meaningful opportunity to connect with our animals. Our commitment to animal welfare ensures our animals are loved and cared for, and we’re proud to share their stories with our guests. They’re incredibly friendly and love interacting with visitors. Imagine caressing the soft, thick fur of a majestic Highland cow or taking a charming pygmy goat for a walk like a loyal companion. You’ll get up close and personal with our cherished farm animals, and as you wander our picturesque farm, you’ll also learn about its rich history and our commitment to ethical and sustainable livestock and land management practices. This private tour, tailored for our guests, requires advance booking. Engage with our two beautiful Highland cows, Molly and Valentina, walk with our delightful tribe of pygmy goats, feed our free-range chickens, delve into our farm’s rich history, and understand our dedication to sustainable land management practices. Capture countless photos with our animals and against the backdrop of our stunning farm—a photographer’s dream.

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