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Texas Dome Camping: Innovative Outdoor Exquisite Accommodation

Missing Hotel Texas: A Unique Glamping Experience of Sophistication

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Project Details:

Built Year:2021
Built duration:1 year
Sector:Glamping Dome
Dome Size:6 sets of D7H4
Selected accessories:Insulation, solar extractor fan, round glass window
Location:11980 S FM 1174, Marble Falls, TX 78654

Project Background


A couple seeking innovation and experience have a baby girl and a loyal golden puppy. After traveling to 50 countries and staying in thousands of hotels of different styles, they have accumulated rich travel and living experiences. From luxury hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, from overwater bungalows in Fiji to shared rooms in Cuba, they've witnessed a variety of accommodation experiences that surprise and disappoint. These travel experiences give them a deep understanding of what makes a place to stay a memorable one.


Thus, the idea for Missing Hotel was born. They wanted to create a place where every guest felt valued and could explore, innovate and relax in comfort and ease. Drawing on years of travel experience and a love of nature, they decided to create a sophisticated yet natural outdoor accommodation. Missing Hotel is not just a simple accommodation project, it is a new attempt, the product of combining past experience and expectations for the future. This project is not just a place to rest, but a place where people can slow down and rediscover their passion for life. It hopes to become a beautiful part of the guests' lives.


Initially, 6 creative and passionate team members devoted themselves to this project, investing 16 hours a day for a year to realize their dream;
After spending 3 years carefully selecting the site, they finally found a natural and original ecological site, which satisfied their pursuit of a perfect environment;
It took 2 months to clear the site. The team, with the assistance of bulldozers, tried to protect the environment, especially the large cedar trees;
The team spent 3 months clearing the site during the hot summer, including deftly handling numerous trees and other obstacles;
Under the principle of environmental protection, the cleared wood was regenerated in compliance with regulations and transformed into fertile soil;
Time and effort was expended to build infrastructure, including water wells up to 650 feet deep and electrical systems, ensuring the basic needs of the project;
The ridge surrounding the canyon was deliberately chosen when selecting the site. Although the terrain is steep but beautiful, it adds a unique advantage to the hotel.

dome shelter


The challenges of the project mainly focus on geographical location, climatic conditions and construction difficulty. Missing Hotel is located in the Marble Falls area of Texas, USA. Although the area has beautiful natural scenery, its remote location and specific terrain conditions have brought considerable difficulties to the implementation of the project.

  • Geographical location and transportation:
    Due to the relatively remote location of the hotel, inconvenient transportation has become a prominent problem. The transportation of materials and the movement of personnel are relatively difficult, which directly affects the efficiency and progress of construction.
    The remote location may also result in a shortage of professional construction personnel and supplier services, further increasing the difficulty and cost of the project.
  • Climatic conditions:
    The climate in Texas is characterized by hot and dry conditions. High temperatures in summer have a certain impact on the physical condition of construction workers and the curing of construction materials (such as concrete). At the same time, the area may also experience extreme weather conditions such as storms and hail, which pose a certain threat to the safety and progress of construction.
  • Terrain conditions:
    The location of Missing Hotel was deliberately chosen on a ridge surrounding a canyon. Although it is very beautiful, the steep terrain undoubtedly increased the difficulty of construction. The handling of foundations, transportation of materials, and placement of construction equipment all present significant challenges.
  • Construction difficulty:
    The team spent more time and effort in clearing the site to protect existing cedar trees and other native vegetation, making the project's preparatory work more time-consuming.
    The construction of infrastructure such as water and electricity also faced great difficulties. For example, in order to bring clean water to the hotel, the team needed to dig more than 650 feet deep, while also needing to connect the power system to distant utilities across the forest. Ensure basic operational needs of the hotel.
  • Environmental requirements:
    The project emphasizes environmental protection and nature, which requires strict compliance with a series of environmental regulations and standards during the construction process. For example, environmentally friendly methods must be adopted in clearing trees and disposing of waste. This not only increases the difficulty of construction but also increases the complexity of the project. the cost of.

To sum up, the Missing Hotel project faces many challenges from site selection to construction, which requires the project team to have a high degree of professional knowledge, strict project management and a deep understanding of environmental protection to ensure that the project can be successfully completed and realized. its original goal.

Features & Outcome

There are 6 uniquely designed dome accommodation units on site. Each unit is carefully designed according to the surrounding canyon terrain and natural environment and has been given unique names such as Ukiyo, Luna, Sabi, Morii, Habibi, Vagari, etc. Each dome accommodation unit is surrounded by dense forest trees, ensuring privacy for residents. Different units have different interior designs, some are single-story spaces, and some have lofts, providing guests with a variety of choices. Inspired by the creativity of Wes Anderson, the design style is unique and imaginative, making people feel like they are on the set of "Moonrise Kingdom". In addition, a Mexican-style starry sky room was also designed, making people feel like they are floating above the treetops and enjoying the stunning views of more than 1,000 feet above sea level. Currently, Missing Hotel has become a not-to-be-missed Glamping experience in Texas, USA.

dome shelter
dome shelter

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