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Luxury Meets Nature in the Domespaces of the Misty Hills of Wayana

Mount Xanadu: Luxury Resort in Wayanad | Breathtaking Views & Unique Accommodations

Project Details:

Built year:2022
Built duration:6 months
Sector:glamping dome
Dome size:6 sets D7H3.5
Selected accessories:curtains, doors, solar exhaust fans, glass ventilation fans
Location:Cheengeri hills, Heritage Museum Road, Ambalavayal, Kerala 67359
Mount Xanadu

Project background


A premium boutique resort in Wayanad, nestled amidst the misty green surroundings of Wayanad at an altitude of 3300 feet, surrounded by breathtaking views of misty mountains, backwaters, and forests. It is a destination where history, classic elegance, and the sophistication of the modern world blend together. Spread across 20 acres, the luxury resort in Wayanad is situated on a hilltop offering stunning sunrise and sunset views. Surrounded by clouds that touch and pass through it, this mist-covered mountain becomes a destination for everyone in the heart of Wayanad.

Mount Xanadu


Create a natural experience of a super five-star hotel, a multi-functional resort integrating dining, bonfires, Frisbees, swimming pools, football fields, observation decks, outdoor adventures, and large-scale activities. All rooms show the wayanad wilderness. Unprecedented luxury and grandeur. Mount Xanadu is a premium resort in Wayanad offering mountain view, lake view, romantic atmosphere, swimming pool, fishing, activities and much more.

  • Experience a royal stay

Nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats, overlooking the majestic valley, the hotel is highly rated by our customers on all travel portals. As a boutique resort, it offers spectacular interiors and unparalleled breathtaking scenery. The family resort of Wayanad is nestled among the Western Ghats lakes, forests and towering mountains.

14 Rooms Honeymoon Resort in Wayanad Features: Ayurvedic Spa, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Health Club, Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Infinity Pool and Kiddie Pool, Gardens, Rainwater Tank, Watchtower, Fishing , viewpoints, hiking tours, guided nature walks, walking tours and musical campfires are some of the highlights of Arcadia Mountain.


The 14 rooms in the entire resort are composed of various accommodation units, including lake view cabins, tree caves, hot spring rooms, etc. that have been built in the early days.

The owners have been pursuing different accommodation experiences throughout the camp, including the mainstream star ball in Europe and the United States. It affected India. After visiting our first Indian project luxeglamp in India, the client decided to start using the existing site combined with views to add this new type of accommodation experience.

Based on the customer's past experience and taking into account the uniqueness of the view, all 6 accommodation units are lined up along the cliff, with the mountains at their backs and facing the sea of clouds.

1. Build a basic platform. In order to ensure an excellent view, after communication between designers from both parties, a platform with a height of more than four or five meters was built on the ground to ensure that there is no obstruction in the spherical transparent part.

2. Based on the camp’s consistent style of creating a rare experience, Celtic designers suggested that the customer remove the spherical platform and add leisure functional areas such as spa, hammocks, and lounge chairs.

3. Based on the customer’s outdoor supporting bathroom space, two door openings with a spherical belt were custom designed to realize the link between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mount Xanadu


1. The altitude is high, construction is difficult, and the platform design is special;
2. High humidity, internal ventilation and dryness;
3. The combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, waterproofing of the connecting parts and edge finishing;

Features & outcome

Mount Xanadu

1. Designers from both parties conduct video surveys of the site in advance, design products and apartment types based on actual conditions, and develop professional packaging plans to facilitate on-site transportation and disassembly of materials;

2. Provide professional design and technical support, including the overall load-bearing of the entire spherical shape, etc., to reasonably design a safe and reliable high-platform solution

3. The spherical shape with a modern appearance is perfectly integrated with the traditional accommodation units in the resort, adding to the modernity and interest of the overall resort.

4. Mount Xanadu Honored by TripAdvisor's Best of the Best in 2021in Keralakaumudi TV channel News

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