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Luxury Dome Homes Glamping at Willmount Camp, Kerala, India

dome home

Project Details:

Site Introduction:Willmount's Dome Camp
Site Name:Willmount
Construction Duration:Roughly one month
Industry:Glamping dome home
Dome Specifications:9 sets of D7H4
Key Features:insulation, curtain, solar extractor fan, round glass window, triangular roll-up window
Location:JXJP+MR5, Elappara Road, Elappara, Kerala 685501, India

Project Background

Located in the heart of Carrara, India, Wilmont Camps has been a great destination for natural campers since 2018. The local resorts are spread across a diverse terrain of high altitude valleys, pristine forests and beachfront, allowing for a rich and varied outdoor experience.

In addition to providing dome home, food and views, the camp organizes a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, sketching, hiking and mountaineering, stream exploration, live music, jeep trekking, stargazing, ferrying, surfing, coastal cycling and more. 

The camp was created entirely from the founder's love of travel and nature and was chosen and run with great care. From primitive-style huts to innovative A-frame cabin homes to unique geodesic domes homes, the camp is constantly being updated and broadened.

The camp team is always exploring and experimenting with new possibilities in the choice of accommodation spaces. Many challenges have been encountered during the construction of the camp, but they have all been solved in the face of the love of nature and the efforts of the team.

Deep within Vagamo's untouched forests lies the Dome Camp. A sprawling 14-acre retreat, it's a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, designed to tread lightly on the earth.


At the heart of Willmount Camp is a promise: "You belong here."
In a world that never stops buzzing, the serenity of nature is a balm for the soul. Here, amidst the geodesic dome homes and the wild, you'll find a home.


  1. After more than a year and a half of site selection to identify the scenic Vegamo, a very pristine wilderness environment, it was also determined to try geodesic dome homes, a new and unique accommodation space.
  2. Mid-2021 was a pivotal moment. We collaborated with a top-tier design firm, bringing our vision of the dome home to life through a concept video.

literally eco-friendly & sustainable

After the preparation of the site, the erection was carried out at the end of 2022. We didn't just want to build on the land; we wanted to be a part of it. No trees were harmed; instead, we meticulously planned each dome home's placement, ensuring roads and pathways were bent around the existing greenery. Our designs weren't about altering nature but embracing it, creating a space that was as eco-friendly as it was breathtaking.

We have had in-depth and consistent collaboration with two very well-known architectural design companies, ENVID Atelier and DEFZEN PROJECTS. Every stage, from the initial planning sketches to the final presentation of the real-life effects to the clients, has been completed by our highly professional team. It is truly an honor to collaborate with these renowned companies, which has attracted the attention of many investment groups due to the incorporation of our concept of harmonious coexistence with nature in our products. Even until now, we continue to receive a lot of positive feedback about our products, which signifies its success as a project.

Challenges of Building the dome home

Careful design of each dome tent

The layout of each set of accommodation dome has been carefully designed, not only can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view from the transparent bay window, but also can maintain the privacy of neighboring accommodation units.But it's not just about the view. We make sure that your privacy is protected while you soak in the beauty of nature.Our clients have special needs, especially regarding the orientation of these windows and the placement of the doors. However, with the expertise of our first-class design team and technical department, we managed to tailor the perfect solution for each dome home.

Embracing Nature's Challenges

Our location is unique, and as such comes with its own set of challenges. We are committed to preserving its natural beauty, which means we have to be more careful.

Considering the weight of the dome materials and transporting them without damaging the environment was no small challenge.
With nine different dome designs, organization was critical. Each dome was labeled after fabrication to ensure a smooth on-site installation process without any confusion.

Ensuring Stability and Comfort

When building the dome home, we had every detail carefully considered, from fixing the floor fittings to the ventilation system.And our client brought in some of the best builders to make sure everything was up to standard.


Given the imperative to maintain the geographical environment in its natural state and to avoid harming the local surroundings, coupled with the need to place nine accommodation domes on the ground, the benefits of rapid spherical construction become evident. This approach conserves a significant amount of labor and material resources compared to many traditional accommodation styles. The adaptable layout options also offer immense convenience in aligning with the project design.

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