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UFUFU VILLAGE: Pet-Friendly Glamping Dome in Japan's Wine Country

Project Details:

Built year:2021
Built duration:approx. a week
Sector:glamping dome
Dome size:Dia 6 meters x 21 units
Selected accessories:curtains  +  thermal insulation layer
Location:Katsunuma Central Park
glamping dome

Project Background


Katsunuma is a small town in central Yamanashi Prefecture, about an hour and a half by train from Tokyo. It produces delicious grapes and wines. Sweet, sour, bitter, every flavor imaginable is present at the Katsunuma Grape Festival. What better way to get a deep dive into Japan's wine capital than to attend the Katsunuma Grape Festival, held every year on the first Saturday of October?

The festival, which takes place in Katsunuma Central Park and the nearby middle school playground, showcases more than 24 wineries, each bringing at least three to six wines for tasting. Katsunuma Central Park transforms into a giant outdoor picnic party where you can sit under the starry night sky, drink and watch the fireworks. Guests to the Katsunuma Grape Festival will choose to stay at glamping hotel - UFUFU VILLAGE.

glamping dome


The charm of UFUFU VILLAGE is that guests can enjoy a fulfilling stay in the rich natural scenery of Izu and enjoy the meticulous service that only luxury camping can provide! Headwater Hot springs and starry glamping domes are the two highlights of UFUFU VILLAGE, a natural slow life that both children and adults can enjoy. There are three types of rooms to choose from: bell tent, recreational vehicle and geodesic dome. recreational vehicle and glamping dome are pet-friendly accommodations with dog friendly facilities including a spacious dog track, natural lawns and a pet-friendly water play area!

summer glamping domes
glamping dome
glamping dome
glamping dome
glaming in Japan's wine country, dear

Headwater Hot Springs

Starry Glamping Domes

Embrace Nature


1/ Glamping Domes Cope with Humid Climates

The local environment is humid. The humidity is high. In the UFUFU VILLAGE project, the main problem facing the SHELTER DOME team is to solve the conflict between the serious mildew on the glamping dome outer cloth and the serious mildew on the insulation layer and the high humidity in the local environment.

2/ Glamping Dome Maintenance

Glamping dome is routinely cleaned each year and has been carefully maintained to maintain a high standard of durability and beauty, being the best maintained of the first geodesic domes.

Regular cleaning work includes not only the cleaning of the tarpaulin, but also the inspection and maintenance of the structure to ensure that all the connecting parts are strong and reliable, as well as the inspection of the electrical system and interior decoration to maintain its luxury and comfort.

3/ Dew Protection Measures for Glamping Dome

Glamping dome Transparent tarps and insulation sometimes have large areas of condensation and frost. This not only affects the transparent visual effect of glamping dome, but also causes damage to the tarpaulin material. The SHELTER DOME maintenance team has responded by using special waterproof and dew proof materials, changing tarps regularly, and installing additional insulation when necessary.

Features & outcome

1/ Glamping Dome

Glamping dome at UFUFU VILLAGE has three room types to choose from, suitable for families, couples, groups and even individuals. Enjoy a hotel-like experience surrounded by nature in the spacious glamping domes, where open Windows allow guests to get close to nature in their tents. Dome homes are air-conditioned for winter and summer comfort.

2/ Hotel Activities

UFUFU VILLAGE offers a variety of fee-based activities for guests to stay in, depending on the season.

  • Making Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Make Turkish Mosaic lamps, coasters and candlesticks from your favorite colored glass.

  • Sauna And Paddle Boarding

Experience the SUP and tent sauna in Kano River!

[What is SUP?]

This is an activity where you stand on a board and use a paddle to paddle across the water. Lie on a skateboard and feel the beauty of the outdoors!

[What is a tent sauna?]

Enjoy the Finnish sauna in the tent. After warming up, go for a swim in the Kano River!

  • Make Plant Landscapes Inside Glass Containers

Personally collect glass containers made from Izu plants! Cultivate terrestrial organisms in transparent containers to create a variety of world landscapes.

3/ The Unstoppable Pet Economy

UFUFU VILLAGE is full of pet facilities for both owners and dogs to enjoy! This delicate and warm gesture not only cares for the pets of tourists, but more importantly, gently touches the hearts of consumers, who have said that "a hotel that is so kind to animals must be able to provide customers with more sincere service", UFUFU VILLAGE has earned enough attention with this meticulous gesture. By consolidating the marketing of its "pet-friendly" concept, the hotel has expanded its visibility, while also bringing attention to the growing pet economy in the lodging industry.

glamping dome
glamping dome
glmaping dome

Pet-friendly glamping domes in UFUFU VILLAGE

The Future to Fine, Sinking Development

The rapid growth of the pet economic market has laid the foundation for the future pet tourism and accommodation, and in recent years, pet tourism has become a new market segment, and its attention is increasing year by year.

According to relevant reports, the future pet type will still be dogs and cats as the mainstream, but with the process of urbanization brought about by the restriction of dog policies, the living space of the first and second tier cities to restrict the ability to keep dogs, the rising cost of dog feeding, and the rapid pace of life of pet consumer groups mainly after 95 and 00, the cat economy is rising rapidly. In order to meet the increasingly refined pet raising mode, service providers also have to refine and innovate the service content. In addition to meeting the service needs of dogs, it is also necessary to study the detailed service content required by cats.

In addition, the pet population is gradually sinking, the awareness of low-line consumers to raise pets has been further improved, and the penetration rate of low-line cities from the third to the fifth line has been increased year by year, so some economy hotels in the sinking market have also tried to launch pet-friendly products in recent years to meet the needs of customers.

Pets have long been an indispensable part of the life of pet owners as a solid companion, penetrating into all aspects of life and living, in order to meet the development needs and trends of this large group of pet owners, innovative hotels must introduce pet friendly programs to attract pet customers to stay and spend. Depending on the extent and depth of pet-friendly services provided by each hotel, pet-friendly services can be divided into primary "friendly and welcoming", intermediate "fine service", senior "harmonious coexistence", and "pet house hotel".

What Is the Future of Pet-Friendly Glamping Hotels

Sustainable pet-friendly service?So for glamping hotels that have been put into operation or have not yet been built, how should they increase or deploy pet-friendly services in advance to ensure that they can provide high-quality and sustainable pet-friendly services for people with pets?

Pet Supplies Are Essential

Providing pet supplies for pets in the pet room is the basic of pet friendly services, such as pet beds/tents, pet bowls, urine pads, pet wipes, snacks, toys, etc., and make appropriate adjustments according to the different types of pets, such as cat toilets, cat scratching boards, etc. Glamping hotels can also prepare more personalized products for pets to increase the appeal of pet services.

glamping dome

Health Commitments Are More Reassuring

After checking out of the pet room, UFUFU VILLAGE cleans the pet room. In addition, the linen in the pet room should also promise to be cleaned and disinfected separately. Professional cleaning measures for the pet room will make UFUFU VILLAGE guests feel trusted and assured about the hotel's health condition.

More Independent Pet Room Settings

The pet rooms in UFUFU VILLAGE are designed and planned to be relatively separate from the rest of the room area in order to reduce the disturbance of pets to other residents.

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