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Rekindling Nature’s Bond: The Geodome Glamping in Fleetwood, NC

Unplug and Recharge at Glamping Unplugged, Fleetwood, NC - An Eco-Friendly Retreat

Project specific Configuration & Data

Built Year:2019
Built duration:one year
Sector:Glamping Dome
Dome Size:3 sets of D7H3.5
Selected accessories:insulation layer, solar exhaust fan, round glass window
Location:300 Rendezvous Ln, Fleetwood, NC 28626
Luxury Camping

Project Background


We promote a modern, balanced philosophy of living and encourage people to schedule time to relax in nature, unplug their lives and focus on what really matters, such as personal growth, intimacy and connection with nature.


Glamping Unplugged is committed to creating a "glamping unplugged" camping environment. There is no Wi-Fi, no cell service, no plumbing, and no electricity. By cutting the cord and giving people the opportunity to recharge themselves, step outside their comfort zone, and enjoy a planned, immersive nature experience, this is what we call “camping simplified.” The design of the camp perfectly integrates with the surrounding natural environment and terrain, providing outdoor camping enthusiasts with pre-planned and prepared equipment, allowing sojourners to travel light. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, we plant a tree for each guest's reservation, emphasizing the importance of returning to nature and environmental protection.


The three spherical tents in the camp are arranged in a triangular pattern according to the terrain of the site, making it one of the only primitive camping sites in North Carolina. 8 to 12 acres with 1/4 mile state trout stream. When selecting the site, the client not only considered the convenience of public transportation, but also cleverly designed a walking path that allows guests to park 150 yards away from the hotel, then load their luggage onto a small trailer and hike through the natural jungle and plateau. You can climb the rocky stairs and finally reach the accommodation, where you can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountains along the way.


The project is located at 300 Rendezvous Ln in Fleetwood, North Carolina, and is surrounded by deep forests and wilderness. The area's dense wooding and rugged terrain brought considerable difficulties to the implementation of the project. The following details the challenges and solutions faced in different aspects.

geodome glamping

Terrain and tree cover:

Rough Terrain: The terrain in this area is highly undulating, creating additional requirements for tent platforms and other infrastructure. Professional geological and civil engineering services are required to ensure the structure is sound and safe.
Tree Cover: The dense cover of trees may block views and sunlight, impacting the customer experience. During the design and construction process, careful consideration needs to be given to how to avoid or utilize these natural obstacles.

glamping dome tent

Material transportation and construction:

Material transportation: Due to terrain restrictions, traditional material transportation methods may not be feasible, and you need to rely on manual labor or special transportation equipment to move materials to the site.
Construction Complexity: Manual handling not only increases the complexity of construction but also increases project costs and lengthens the project schedule.

geodome glamping

Climatic conditions:

Temperature and Rainfall: Seasonal temperature changes and rainfall conditions in the Fleetwood area will affect campground operations throughout the year. For example, rainy seasons can cause mud and landslides, while low temperatures in winter can impact customer comfort.


Glamping Unplugged

Local Policies and Regulations:

Construction and Operating Permits: Local laws, regulations, and policies need to be closely monitored and followed during the design and implementation of the project. It is necessary to apply for and obtain relevant construction and operation permits to ensure the legality and safety of the project.
Environmental requirements: Since the project is located in a natural environment, it needs to meet some environmental requirements, such as wastewater treatment and noise control, to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

Glamping Dome

Sustainability and Community Relations:

Community Acceptance: The success of the project also depends on the support and acceptance of the local community. By working with communities to understand and address their needs and concerns, it contributes to the smooth implementation and successful operation of projects.

To sum up, the Glamping Unplugged project needs to face and solve many challenges during the implementation process to ensure that it can not only meet customer needs but also comply with legal, environmental, and community requirements. Through thorough preliminary preparation and cooperation with all parties, Shelter Dome and Glamping Unplugged worked together to overcome these challenges, enabling the project to be successfully implemented and operated.

Features & Outcomes

In the early stages of design, we customized the super-large transparent position of each dome tent through the on-site map provided by the customer (including all obstacles) and fully considering the terrain. Without destroying any ecological environment, technical means were used to solve the irreversible flaws of the site, making each dome tent unique and ultimately achieving connection and privacy between different rooms.
We comply with the local environment, take into account the climate conditions with four distinct seasons, and combine the customer's four-season operation needs in the selection of accessories. We configure thickened insulation layers and furnace designs to ensure that we can provide customers with star-rated hotels in winter. experience.


Overcoming all limitations of the on-site site, we provide units of different sizes of 6 meters and 7 meters to match customers' design and marketing needs for different units.
The supporting facilities around the camp include natural hiking, rock climbing and stream views, to the personalized accommodation in Dome, which truly realizes the perfect combination of man and nature without Wi-Fi and modern electronic devices, providing people with a A space to relax and release yourself.

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