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Seamless Harmony: Dome's Extraordinary Journey Under Mount Fuji

Dome's Tranquil Retreat: Nature's Harmony Under Mount Fuji


Project Details:

Built year:2022
Built duration:6 months
Sector:glamping dome
Dome size:Dia 6 meters x 3 units
Selected accessories:curtains  + insulation
Location:217-1, yamanaka, yamanakako, minamitsurugun, yamanashi

Project background

How can a person feel protected? What can he do when he feels vulnerable? The question is usually accompanied by a scene or a memory of a frightened child hiding under a thin sheet, peering carefully out to find out what is going on around her. Covering oneself with the sheet is a subconscious action, revealing the self's instinctive consciousness; Underneath the sheets hides, protects, wraps and nurtures a space that is so safe and private that it keeps away all ghosts, spirits or demons around the room. The project was inspired by listening to these whispers in the environment, as well as the client's desire for security and privacy.

Enjoy some free time away from the hustle and bustle in the woods by the lake. To provide guests with a camping experience for that special DAY. Adjacent to THE lakeside road of the mountain Lake, THE DAY adds new essence and design by re-examining the value of what is already there. The dome tent, built in a natural wooded area, allows guests to enjoy camping outdoors while staying indoors in comfort. 

There is no need to prepare equipment for camping here, and you can enjoy outdoor activities with nothing. Look at the majestic view of Mount Fuji and the liberating view of the lakeside of Lake Yamanaka. Enjoy the space that blends a great place for a big camp with a great place for camping.


Challenge 1: Humidity

At THE DAY's site, humidity was a primary challenge. The local environment is usually very humid, and this high humidity climate has had an impact on the foundation construction and the fixing of the dome tent. The nature of the land makes the foundation construction more complicated, and the existence of humidity also increases the uncertainty in the construction.

Challenge 2: Structural safety reporting

In order to address the humidity issue and ensure the safety of the dome tent, SHELTER DOME has conducted multiple comprehensive assessments and report updates. These reports include an analysis of the stability of dome's infrastructure and an evaluation of the material's performance in high humidity environments.

Challenge 3: dome's transparent tarpaulin and insulation

Due to the humidity problem, the dome's transparent tarpaulin and insulation layer developed large areas of condensation and frost problems. These problems affected the comfort and performance of the dome tent.

 To address this challenge, SHELTER is constantly researching and improving the design and materials of transparent tarpaulin and insulation. Finally, a solution is provided that can maintain the transparency of the transparent tarpaulin while preventing the production of condensation and frost, thus providing a better use experience.

The design concept of THE DAY is to pursue simplicity, emphasize the feeling brought by the place, and do not deliberately create a space contrary to the natural environment. 

Combined with the original mountain position of the site, the open and flat area in the forest is used as the welcoming and distributing site; The outdoor activity area uses the space under the forest to form a comfortable environment under the shade; The guest room building is located in the jungle, and the floor-to-ceiling picture window allows you to enjoy the forest at dusk and overlook Mount Fuji.

summer glamping dome

Features & outcome

1/ Complete infrastructure

In addition to the mixed-use accommodation built by POST GENERAL, a lifestyle grocery brand that aims to deliver new value, THE hotel also houses "Burger POLICE", a high-profile BURGER restaurant in Tokyo, THE POST GENERAL BURGER and POST GENERAL brand chain merchandising building and the administration building. The administration building next to the tented accommodation area, formerly a spa hotel, has been remodeled and reused. The bathhouse retains the Japanese atmosphere of the rock pan bath, while the lobby has a free lounge where you can take a coffee break, and a table tennis table where you can play after a bath to enjoy the retro atmosphere.

dome, A burger at glmaping campsite

2/ Dome with the crooning of nature

The project connects this scenic and livable area, creating a new campsite in the middle of the jungle. The Dome is like a syllable in a poem, like a comma or a question mark, but never the poem itself, which is composed of Mount Fuji, trees, fireflies, paths, fences, dirt, orchards and nightingalers. The Dome building adds color to the poem, emerging unexpectedly from the scene, and the trees on either side of the tent form an entrance frame to escort guests in.

The hotel's facilities are adjacent to the lakeside road of Mountain Neutron Lake, allowing guests and children to enjoy water activities on the lake. In addition, guests can enjoy a stunning view of Mount Fuji and the hotel strongly recommends guests visit the picturesque site to take beautiful photos for their social media (SNS).

The path is wide, wide enough for people to walk alone comfortably, but it is very narrow, narrow enough to walk alone. Visitors feel as if they are on a lonely pilgrimage that ends with an ancient tree that is such an important presence that the walls have to be twisted slightly for people to pass, but even then people almost have to rub their shoulders to get through.

3/ Dome blending with nature

dome, dome tent

The choice of dome tent as a lodging room stems from the idea that in folk belief, the element of tree house can be traced back to childhood, to find a secluded space that belongs to oneself and gives refuge, which is the scene of adventure and dream. The traditional tree house is made of wood, and now we reinterpret it with dome. First, the innocence that harks back to our childhood fades over time, just as cold glass deftly replaces warm wood. 

The transparent dome tent is an attempt to provoke reflection on the security and privacy required for building Spaces. As envisioned by the project, certain elements are sometimes compromised by the user's own unreasonable use of the space, or by the inherent factors of the architectural design.

Dome's anticorrosive floors smell of wood and feel like being surrounded by pine trees while neutralizing the cold of concrete; Finally, with the passage of time and the erosion of the rain, the exterior of the steel will become like the bark of the tree.

4/Dome in harmony with nature

In terms of spatial layout, the common areas of the house are completely exposed to the wooded valley, and the other is a more compact courtyard with a view of the treetops and the sky. It was important to control the very small number of elements, so the refrigerator and appliances were hidden, the lighting was carefully arranged, and the whole space contained only a few main materials: wood and alloy. It was particularly important for the client to preserve the atmosphere of the jungle's original rough mines.


Many people live in the forest health as the main line, enjoy a large private forest, equipped with comprehensive service area, wild luxury tent area, forest barbecue area, forest children's development area, outdoor leisure area, business district, etc., each area scattered and hidden in the forest, providing urban residents with an excellent leisure resort. THE concept of tent camp is fully displayed in the design, and the building is integrated into the mountain forest. THE DAY only exists as a part of nature itself, allowing people who have lived in the busy city to walk out of the hustle and bustle, into the green mountains and streams, and return to life itself.

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