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Domes Hotel Unveiled at Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Dome Resort

Luxury camping
Built Year:2019.07.08
Duration:1 month
Sector:glamping dome 
Dome Size:Dia 6 meter x 5 units
Accessories:dome frame + cover + insulation + curtain.
Location:Katata, Shirahama, Nishimuro District, Wakayama 649-2201, Japan

Project Background

Overlooking the elegant and luxurious camping experience of Wakayama Shirahama, Shiosai Terrace serves as one of the primary tourist destinations in the Kansai region, offering a luxurious camping site in the Shirahama area of Wakayama. Nestled on a scenic hill, it provides visitors with a locale where they can get up close with nature while enjoying a luxurious camping experience. In 2019, Shiosai Terrace underwent an upgrade and reopened as the SHIOSAI TERRACE PREMIUM GLAMPING RESORT. Ten unique large dome tents, each with a unique viewing position, allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of Shirahama right from their rooms. Here, not only can visitors have a charming camping experience in Wakayama Nanki Shirahama, but they can also engage in various customized activities to experience the natural and cultural essence of Wakayama.


1/ This project comprises 5 sets of 6-meter diameter living domes and one specially designed cocoon-type living space, which poses a challenge in maintaining consistent construction and operational standards.
2/ Condensation and fog are the most concerning issues in this project. Being located on a hill, the area experiences humid climate conditions, where the formation of condensation and fog could potentially impact the camping experience and the maintenance of facilities. Additionally, the Wakayama region may encounter cold weather during winter; hence, ensuring the tents are warm and comfortable while effectively handling condensation and fog issues are key challenges in the project development and operation.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

Features & Outcome

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort is devoted to showcasing the natural scenic beauty and unique camping experience of the Wakayama Shirahama area. It perfectly blends the tranquility of nature with modern comfort, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. The project features include:

01 Large Dome Tents:
Spacious and comfortable space design with 6m diameter large semi-circular dome tents. The interior double-layer structure provides excellent insulation ensuring guests’ comfort throughout the seasons. Each dome tent is decorated warmly and comfortably, with due consideration to privacy and view, allowing guests to enjoy the natural scenery while maintaining a comfortable private space.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

02 Luxury Camping Barbecue:
Utilizing the abundant fresh ingredients of the Wakayama area to provide guests with an authentic barbecue experience. From high-quality Kumano beef, and fresh seafood to local organic vegetables, all ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the most authentic and delicious Japanese barbecue experience for guests.

geodome glamping

03 Dedicated Barbecue Space:
The unique outdoor barbecue space is designed to ensure the smooth conduct of barbecue activities even in adverse weather conditions. The barbecue area is equipped with a roof and walls, an efficient ventilation system, and a wood-burning stove, providing a safe and comfortable barbecue environment for guests.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

04 Interaction with Nature and Animals:
Offering horse riding and horse feeding activities, allowing guests to get closer to nature, experience the natural scenery of Wakayama, and the wonders of flora and fauna. Through interaction with animals, guests can relax and return to the embrace of nature.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

05 Rich Outdoor Activities:
Each dome tent is equipped with a fireplace and marshmallow roasting facilities. Besides enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, guests can gather around the bonfire, enjoy warmth and fun, and experience the joy of true outdoor camping.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

06 "totonou" Outdoor Sauna:
Providing a soothing sauna experience to help guests relieve daily fatigue and stress. In the Finnish-style outdoor sauna, guests can enjoy the sauna while appreciating the surrounding natural scenery, experiencing a different kind of relaxation and tranquility.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

07 "Shio Sai Spa" Hot Spring and Sauna Facilities:
Providing guests with a relaxing haven. The design of the hot spring and sauna fully integrates with the surrounding natural environment, allowing guests to enjoy the hot spring and sauna while feeling the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

08 Culinary Experience:
Offering activities like pizza and popcorn making, allowing guests to enjoy delicious food while experiencing the fun of cooking. These activities not only enable guests to learn cooking skills but also enhance friendship and communication among guests, making the camping experience more colorful and diverse.

Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort

Through the above features and facilities, Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort not only attracts numerous tourists but also adds a new highlight to the tourism industry of the Wakayama Shirahama area, thereby promoting local economic development and cultural exchange.

Lastly, a notable mention goes to Shelter Dome, the company responsible for the project, whose expertise and dedication in constructing the domes played a pivotal role in bringing the vision of Shiosai Terrace Premium Glamping Resort to life. The high-quality domes provided by Shelter Dome ensure a comfortable and unique glamping experience, showcasing a perfect example of modern luxury blended with natural beauty.

geodome glamping dome resort
geodome glamping dome resort

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