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Tropical Geodesic Dome Home:Exquisitely Harmonious

geodesic dome home

Project Details:

Project:Costa Rica Tropical Rainforest Glamping
Built year:2023
Built duration:approx. a week

glamping dome

Dome size:

2 units of 5m dome and 3 units of 7m dome

Selected accessories:

solar extractor fan +

triangle window

Location:Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Project Background


The project is located in Costa Rica, South America, in the cradle of tropical culture, a land that nurtures the magic of nature. The client had moved to Costa Rica many years ago from other countries and wanted to make accommodation in the tropical wild environment. The geodesic dome home is a perfect fit, a cool house woven into the fabric of a tropical rainforest.


Geodesic dome home - a new option for outdoor accommodation

The main design of Geodesic dome home is inspired by the ordinary leaves in the local tropical rain forest. However, it is these indescribable leaves that are endless like spring water, and maintain the balance and harmony of the entire rain forest with each spit.

A small and delicate design object, the owner wanted to have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment when designing. The owner decided to use a geodesic dome structure to support the roof and walls. The geodesic dome modules made by Shelter Dome are assembled on-site in a week and can be easily disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere. The house's full-height floor-to-ceiling Windows bring in comfortable sunlight.

Air gives freshness, vegetation gives life, and stone gives raw power. Seemingly simple, we do not know that all these are the most gorgeous decoration given by nature, but also the link between us and nature.


The site is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, but also brings a strong sense of pressure on the site. Trading, production and transportation are relatively smooth, mainly when the construction and subsequent use of some difficulties. The harsh external conditions force the building to resist the unfavorable factors with its own strength, creating a place with strong spiritual power. The high unity of structure, space and order gives the building a religious-like atmosphere.

geodesic dome home


  1. The project is located in the interior of tropical forest, surrounded by lush green forest, which makes it quiet and peaceful. And our products are heavy, so it takes a lot of effort to transport them.
  2. The tarpaulin and thick canopy of the Geodesic dome home provide the necessary shade for the building and ensure the privacy of the interior space. But the rain forest is very humid, so the outer cloth is easy to become very dirty if not regularly cleaned and maintained.
  3. In the tropical rain forest, sunlight will penetrate the space without hesitation as long as there is a chance, and the building will jointly interpret the dialogue between quiet flow and light. During the hottest time of the year, even if the solar exhaust fan is always on, the room will still be stuffy. 3. Due to the extreme climate, keeping cool is an essential trait of South American architecture, and there is a strong force behind it.

Modular Dome Accessories

Features & Outcome

Geodesic dome home's relationship with nature

Lush tropical trees also shade the outdoor resting area as part of a landscape design that transforms the entire site and dome home into a miniature park. The floor plan of Dome home creates an expressive architectural form that resembles a living sculpture and creates an exciting dialogue with the external environment while providing a unique and memorable design interpretation of the home. The Dome home space presents a peaceful atmosphere and makes people feel peaceful.

1/ Geodesic dome home is shaped by nature

The best architecture is such that we are so deep in it that we do not know where nature ends and art begins. Follow the concept of "taking shape in nature", draw inspiration from the original form of nature, learn from nature, and integrate it into the architectural design, using the same materials, only a small part of the design beautification, reduce the sense of artificial sculpture, so that the building can have a more natural and harmonious atmosphere.

The silhouetted exterior casts impressive shadows, complementing the lush greenery, creating a new symbolic presence. The entire house is a series of installations scattered across the site, interwoven with the trees on the site. These building blocks also follow the natural topography of the site and gradually decline, presenting a gentle posture and blending with the environment.

In the extended gray space outside the dome home, the choice of a preservative wood platform creates an opportunity for this space to deeply connect with nature, as if it were an integration of the inner and outer worlds. It is not only a unique viewing experience, but also the healing power of nature.

geodesic dome home

The big area of glass creates an ideal view of the landscape

2/ Geodesic dome home Respect nature

While designing dome home space for human experience, the designer did not evict or even destroy the home of the "indigenous people", but kept the bird's residence artistic. Every detail of the Geodesic dome home is designed to respect and integrate nature as much as possible, turning the building itself into a part of the rainforest.

Interior of the Geodesic dome home

The design of geodesic dome home clearly defines the compound goal of "small space multi-purpose", and forms a rich composition relationship through the changes of space size, height difference and inside and outside, so as to meet the basic function of the aggregation group, but also compatible with the use of glamping, reception and other possibilities, becoming a multi-functional residence.

The geodesic dome home can accommodate a family. The interior consists of a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and large and bright open space. The central open space can be used as a living room or workshop for creative work or training. When entering work mode requires a complete open space, the bedroom can also be used as part of the work area.

The courtyard is surrounded by trees or sunlight, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor. This charming courtyard allows the owner to feel a connection with nature, and savor the peace and beauty of being there. It provides a chance for the family to get close to nature.

geodesic dome home

Lush vegetation provides shade from the sun and ensures privacy inside


In general, making a semi-permanent home in a wild forest can be challenging. The Geodesic dome home is particularly easy to set up and tough to weather among the dome tents, but some natural factors such as high temperature and high humidity are unavoidable.

Shelter Dome explores the wonderful experience of space, body and nature in the same frequency resonance. The beauty of quiet minimalism: Inspired by minimalism, the Geodesic dome home simplifies the space to the extreme, creating a sense of deep calm. Here, the complex world will be replaced by silence, allowing the owner to find peace in the pure environment.

It was a tough project, but also a project that created tranquility and pleasure under harsh conditions. The geodesic dome home is a compact tropical home that extends the dual values of "tropical enjoyment" and "ecological sustainability." Although the construction process still needs to face many difficulties and uncontrollable factors under hot and humid conditions, the continuous promotion of the project will certainly provide a reference and promotion sample for the development of the residential design industry under extreme climate.

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