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Ultimate Comfort Meets Nature: The Hibiya Kadan Glamping Experience

Glamping Luxuries at Hibiya Kadan: Nature and Comfort | Shleter Dome

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Project Details:

Site name:FUJINO CLUB   
Built year:2021
Built duration:6 months

Sector & Dome size:

glamping dome, Dia 6 meters x 5 units
Selected accessories:curtains  + insulation  

Fujino Club, 4611-1 Makino, Midori-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Project Background


Hibiya Kadan "STAY" "Sato Rakusu FUJINO" (Relax Fujino) is the first glamping guest house in Hibiya Katan, offering visitors the ultimate healing space for a state or process of relaxation, stress reduction and rejuvenation. Located in a region known for its stunning natural beauty, Sato Rakusu FUJINO is an idyllic escape from the frenzy of city life, making it a great place to visit all year round. FUJINO is surrounded by natural mountains and lush greenery, where visitors can spend a relaxing and comfortable time.

glamping, geo dome tents
glamping, geo dome tents, dome tent


Hibiya Kadan "STAY" and "Sato Rakusu FUJINO" preserve the breath of nature and life to the greatest extent possible. Glamping guest house has become a precious place to stop and breathe in the suburbs of Sato. Therefore, the design of this project hopes to provide an impressive glamping dome campisite, so that visitors can have a face-to-face exchange with the outdoor scenery while resting, appreciate the charm of Sato, and awaken the power of life through new discoveries.

Through the clever arrangement of plants, Hibiya Kadan "STAY" "Sato Rakusu FUJINO" creates an indoor and outdoor leisure space that seems to blend with the nature of Fujino.


  1. Innovation and integration: Glamping Domes Cope with Humidity

In this practice, the main problem faced by the team is to solve the conflict between the serious mildew on the glamping dome outer cloth and the serious mildew on the insulation layer and the high humidity in the local environment. How to integrate outdoor elements into the design of glamping dome while meeting the functional requirements of the space is both a challenge and an opportunity. By improving dome materials, we chose to use new materials and modern techniques to create a contrast and fusion between the old and the new, and to tell the story through glamping dome space itself. Create a glamping event venue for Hibiya Kadan that promotes family interaction and provides relaxation for visitors.

  1. Maintenance Excellence: Glamping Dome Maintenance

The Glamping dome is routinely cleaned each year and has been carefully maintained to maintain a high standard of durability and beauty, being the best maintained of the first geodesic balls.

Regular cleaning work includes not only the cleaning of the tarpaulin, but also the inspection and maintenance of the structure to ensure that all the connecting parts are strong and reliable, as well as the inspection of the electrical system and interior decoration to maintain its luxury and comfort.

  1. Protection and Transparency: Dew Protection Measures for Glamping Dome

Glamping dome Transparent tarps and insulation sometimes have large areas of condensation and frost. Condensation may accumulate on the inside of the tarp, while frosting may form a thin layer of frost on the outside. This not only affects the transparent visual effect of the dome, but also may cause damage to the tarpaulin material. To combat this, maintenance teams take a variety of measures, using special waterproof and dew proof materials, changing tarps regularly, and installing additional insulation when necessary.

Features & outcome

1. Grand Ping Site in Glamping Dome

Hibiya Kadan "STAY" "Sato Rakusu FUJINO" offers carpeted Western-style rooms (ECRU) that are as relaxing as a living room, and Japanese-style rooms (RURI) with tatami floors that are rare in campgrounds. Both are comfortable Spaces with an emphasis on luxury.

  • Fujino Night Sky (RURI) : "Japanese" Hospitality.

This is a rare luxury camping space that incorporates a calming atmosphere of Japanese style. The beige tone setting will make people feel calm and enjoy a peaceful time.

  • Asami Fujino (ECRU) : "Western" Hospitality.

The Western-style rooms add a modern touch to the rustic style, which is popular for its simple yet tasteful texture. The carpet in the center of the room is impressive and creates a relaxed feeling.

glamping, geo dome tents

2. Interior Space of Glamping Dome

Relax Fujino's well-designed Spaces offer guests a place to enjoy quality leisure time while fully engaging with the local culture and natural environment. The hotel's Grand ping Site is equipped with spacious panoramic decks overlooking the majestic Fujino Mountain. On each deck are placed large glamping domes with a diameter of 6m, a ceiling height of 3m and a floor area of 28. The room is also equipped with an original garden table produced by the Fujino Factory "BC Kobo", which is designed using a piece of wood from the Monkey Pod (a giant tree made famous by TV commercials) and is designed to stimulate dialogue among guests.

The Glamping dome rooms are as spacious and comfortable as the hotel's double rooms, with an elevated floor in the center of the interior to create a space where guests can relax even more. Glamping dome is also equipped with air conditioning and sunken tovetop tables, so guests can stay in comfort no matter what the season.

In the tent, guests can take off their shoes and relax, just like in the living room at home, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel has a shared shower and toilet, and guests can choose the nearby spa facilities.

3. Dining at Glamping Dome

The hotel offers fresh seasonal vegetables, local organic vegetables harvested in the wee hours of the morning in Fujino, and seasonal dishes are served under the supervision of the chef. In addition to local vegetables, the chefs carefully select seafood and mountain cuisine to nourish the mind and body of guests.

Yanagida, the hotel's chef, oversees the cooking. With the culinary theme of "There is nothing like the taste of quality ingredients themselves," we make every effort to provide delicious food to all customers who use "Rakusu" and let them feel the atmosphere of "Fujino."

Dinner and breakfast are included. Breakfast will be prepared the day before in the fridge inside the glamping dome and is a semi-buffet, which guests can easily prepare and enjoy at a time of their choosing. Guests can enjoy the beautiful nature while enjoying a carefully selected meal.

Dining at glamping dome, fancy tent
Dining at glamping dome restaurant
Dining at glamping dome
Dining at glamping dome

4. Glamping Dome Hotel Culture

The design of the staff uniforms is derived from the art project "Atelier Tanpopo" sponsored by NPO Tekuteku(Fujino Dandelion). Unique designs are printed on T-shirts to enhance a sense of solidarity while working with the local community to further integrate into the local culture.

At Hibiya Kadan, the hotel actively explores how to infuse flowers and greenery with unique inspiration to enrich guests' lives and futures. Hibiya Kadan "STAY" "Sato Rakusu FUJINO" is looking forward to welcoming guests to explore this beautiful place and to feel both physical and mental pleasure and healing.

glamping business success, dinner party

5. Glamping Dome Hotel Activities

Hibiya Kadan "STAY" "Sato Rakusu FUJINO" offers a wealth of fee-based activities. Yoga, letters to loved ones, coffee roasting, workshop experience, blueberry hunting, flower classes and more.

  • Flower Course

You can feel the charm of flowers in nature. Learn flower luxury time. Conduct floral lessons in nature using a large selection of flowers carefully selected from Hibiya Flower beds. Parent-child classes are also offered.

  • Chalk Art

Chalk art has a charming rustic taste in the open nature. It's easy to enjoy and you can't help but indulge in it. The design of the hotel changes every season. Children's chalk art design is also opened so that parents and children can enjoy together.

  • Blueberry Picking

Burube no Ki, about a 5-minute drive from Tetra Pak Su, is home to 500 blueberry trees of more than one species and can experience blueberry picking from mid-July to late August each year. Blueberries are grown at the base with no pesticides or herbicides and as little fertilizer as possible, so guests should definitely try safe and delicious blueberries.

  • Experience in Shop Carpentry

The tables installed at the luxury campground RURI and ECRU are made by BC Kobo. This quality is obvious if not spoken of. At BC Kobo, guests can experience the "Chopstick Workshop" and make a pair of chopsticks as a souvenir of their trip.

  • Abundant Yoga in Nature

The hotel offers courses for guests to experience Fujino nature while having fun. Even if you are new to yoga, the yoga teachers at the hotel will explain everything in an easy to understand way. Come and experience the comfort of being at one with nature and committing yourself to it.

  • Coffee Roasting

Try roasting coffee with raw beans in the spacious open bar. By varying the degree of roasting (light, medium, deep), the bitterness, acidity and intensity will change accordingly. Enjoy original coffee that suits your taste and spend a blissful time relaxing.

  • Bonfire/Swedish Torch

Why not try to control the fire? Since ancient times, fire has been essential to human life. A Swedish torch is a bonfire lit directly on a cut log. Talk to your loved one while gazing at the flickering flames that only nature can create. On the night of Hibiya Kadan, enjoy a different campfire experience than usual.

glamping, Bake steamed buns over an open flame

Extended Reading

About Hibiya Kadan Co., Ltd.

Established in 1872, established Hibiya Kadan Co., Ltd. after opening the Hibiya Park store in Tokyo in 1950. Design, manufacture and sell flower gifts for individuals/enterprises in the fields of wedding decoration, direct stores and online stores, funeral services, various space decoration design and display, interior greening design and construction. Will continue to create flowers and green living culture in various scenes of daily life.

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