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Zen in Geometry: Sports Dome as Urban Oasis

sports dome under construction

Project Details:

Site name:Confidential
Built year:2021
Built duration:approx. a week

Sports dome

Dome size:Dia 8 meters x 1 unit
Selected accessories:curtains  + insulation  + glass door + solar extractor fan + triangle window + glass window + stove jack

Project Background


"Architecture should be a space where people can gain full strength spiritually." Busy urbanites are eager to have a spiritual island where they can relax their body and mind. And in these fast-paced times, more needed than ever. In the natural environment, the sun is an extremely important factor and is also closely related to yoga. The client decided to take the shape of the sun and adopt the geodesic dome structure to convey this symbolism.

In the summer of 2021, the customer asked if the SHELTER DOME would have a geodesic dome tent of about 8 meters, suitable for meditation, yoga and dance space, and could be used all year round. Starting from the soft indoor sports, the owner tries to combine the power of ancient wisdom with a diversified lifestyle, and is committed to conveying the life concept of temperature, attitude and vitality. When people enter this space, they can get rid of the fast-paced life in reality and open a natural journey.


Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutra, states that the asanas have two important qualities: sthirayi (living) and sukha (music). "Stay" refers to stability and alertness and "joy" refers to "the ability to remain comfortable in a certain position." No matter which posture we practice, both qualities should not be neglected. Even if the "stability" and "vigilance" of the dwelling have been achieved, the comfort and lightness of joy should also be achieved, and both should be durable." -- The Mind of Yoga. The setting of yoga practice space also holds the same internal motivation. A good yoga space should not only be a professional yoga practice venue, but also allow the practitioner to have a "happy" connection with the space.

A focused space creates conditions for self-reflection and awareness building. The owners hope that the sports dome will provide energy for yoga and meditation practitioners and become a place of healing.

sports dome

Transparent walls incorporate the outdoor landscape into the interior

sports dome


It took some time to decide on the size of the sports dome in the early stages of the approval process, because it was also related to local approval. In addition, because the customer has a certain plan for the final presentation effect, it also makes customization on the base of the standard scheme, and moves the position of some accessories such as Windows according to the requirements to meet various functional requirements.

Simplicity does not mean abandoning complexity, but removing clutter may make complexity simple. The structure of Sports dome makes the whole space quiet and soft, gentle and without losing power. Using the most natural materials and textures to express the original power of yoga, to provide the most comfortable environment for guests. I hope the city people who keep walking, slow down, heal the body and mind.


When the goods arrived at the port of destination, the customer found that the number of glamping accessories was missing. Fortunately, the SHELTER DOME was photographed before and after the goods left the factory. Finally, the agent of the port of destination helped to find the missing geodesic dome kits. Sometimes even if the goods have been sent from our factory for shipping, our follow-up duties are not over, we will ensure that the entire chain is fully assisting the customer.

Features & Outcome

Sports dome gives peace of mind

Maintaining inner peace is a spiritual reconciliation to the noisy world. Yogis combine body, mind and soul, activating energy from the inside and out through the stretching of the body, while the physical space in which they are present has a profound impact on the state of mind. We hope that this space can stimulate positive emotional experiences and behavioral patterns, both inside and out, thereby eliminating bad emotions and feelings of discomfort.

The foyer is excessive from the outside to the inside, and the taste of natural comfort begins to permeate. The large area of the opening window brings natural light into the interior, which enriches the space context and broadens the vision. Semi-transparent textured gauze curtain blocks outside interference, leaving green eyes.

Fitness is a process of constant circulation of energy. sports dome uses triangular form to express the concept of space "circulation", thus dividing the structure of geo dome and connecting it into the whole sports dome ball.

Looking through the glass inside the sports dome is not at a glance, but arouses the interest of sports lovers to explore, and leaves room for thoughts to wander. SHELTER DOME believes that when people enter the sports dome space, it is also the beginning of a ceremony. Space does not exist in isolation; it is inextricably linked to us. The Sports dome is a container for life, sensitive to the touch of the body on the floor, mental focus and inner peace.

sports dome
sports dome

The triangular form expresses the concept of "circulation" in space

Customer satisfaction sports dome

The final build of the Sports dome worked well, except for a few details that needed a little tweaking, and some unavoidable creases that took time and temperature to recover. It is very wise for the client to choose the dark green tarpaulin, the quiet forest color, to provide the yogi with an inward feeling of the environment, the overall style of the sports dome and the surrounding environment are very harmonious, and the soft space atmosphere encourages them to enter a relaxed state. The client strives to maintain simple gestures or pure thoughts throughout the space, allowing comfort, concentration and calmness to respond to human behavior, psychology, emotions and feelings as much as possible.

The simple design technique allows the space to return to the most basic form. The proper white space broadens the hierarchical layout of the sports dome space, leaving room for meditation and meditation practitioners to reverie, showing the width of heaven and earth, and bringing some Zen temperament to the whole space. The Sports dome has large skylights and is fitted with insulated double glazing that allows views of the sky between them, creating an immersive atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

Sports dome is a haven of balance & simplicity

Most things in the world are contradictory and unified. Such as black and white light and dark, heaven and earth mountains and rivers, static and cold and hot, and such as yoga body and spirit, asana and meditation. Also like the modeling entity and atmosphere in the space...

The dark tarpaulin of Sports dome and the light colored inner dome tent form a soft and rigid contrast, on the one hand, expressing the host's open attitude to the comers, and expecting sports enthusiasts to rest and talk freely. On the other hand, it is embracing the diversity of beauty, which is the consistent purpose that the master adheres to and tries to convey. It's like yoga itself: a combination of flexibility and strength.

sports dome

Sports dome is short of complicated design and exquisite carved materials, the organizer hopes that every visitor can experience the simplest and pure happiness of yoga in the simple and comfortable geo dome environment; Hope that this small world will become a quiet corner in the complicated daily life of urban people and a place to rest in the busy life.

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