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How to Create Your Own Geodesic Dome Campsite – 2023 Guide

Learn how to establish a geodesic dome campsite for glamping. This 2023 guide from Shelter Dome provides steps on site selection, permit acquisition, design planning, and contractor hiring. Dome campsites offer a unique camping experience, meeting the rising demand for luxury outdoor stays.

The Ultimate Guide to Owning a Successful Glamping Business

Learn the essential aspects of owning a glamping site, from planning activities for your guests to interior design tips and effective marketing strategies. Discover how to create a memorable and attractive glamping experience for your visitors and increase your camp’s success.

Choosing the Perfect Large Event Tent A Comprehensive Guide

Shelter Dome

Table of Contents Inrtoduction If you’ve been tasked with creating an outdoor event venue, you may have numerous questions swirling in your mind about choosing the perfect tent. The selection of an event tent is crucial for creating the desired display effect. Before making a decision, it’s important to consider factors like size, appearance, and […]

Geodesic Dome Sale Elevate Your Christmas and New Year Events

As the Christmas and New Year season approaches, planning unforgettable parties and selecting unique venues becomes a top priority. Why not add something extra special to your celebrations this year with a geodesic dome purchase? With their limitless potential, a wide range of sizes, and endless interior options, geodesic domes allow you to bring your […]

Why Is Shelter WPC Deck a Good Choice for Your Glamping Structures

WPC deck, also known as composite decking, is a special kind of decking material comprised of both plastic and wood. It has experienced a rapid rise in popularity, and demand is anticipated to increase year over year. This September, Shelter Dome launched Shelter Deck, a modular decking system for glamping structures. WPC, as one of […]

4 Reasons to Use Dome Structures for Showroom Spaces

Dome Structures–When talking about the showroom, we usually indicate a spacious area used to display products, entertainment, or visual arts. For a company or brand, the design of the showroom space is particularly important. A well-designed showroom can not only fully display the items in the space, but also reflect the professionalism of the brand […]

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