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Cocoon Dome Tents

The Cocoon Dome Tent is an insulated dome tent designed for comfort and warmth during glamping. The glamping tent's insulated structure offers a relaxing resting place, ideal for reading, sleeping, or relaxing activities.

Twin-Skinned Design:

The Cocoon Dome Tent includes an inner mesh capsule with a built-in groundsheet, creating a fully enclosed system that effectively keeps all insects out.

Ventilation System:

Cocoon Dome features a unique back draft ventilation system designed to maintain airflow while minimizing the entry of cold air, ensuring a comfortable environment inside.

Door and Window System:

The Cocoon Dome Tent has a 2-way removable door system that includes options for green, clear, and mosquito window panels, allowing for flexibility and protection against insects. The front panel is designed with additional mosquito sides and door windows for enhanced visibility and air circulation.

Additional Features:

The Cocoon Dome Tents design includes rod chock straps and a prominent peak, adding to the tent's stability and overall functionality.


The Cocoon Dome Tents' entire enclosure system ensures a bug-free zone, making it perfect for areas with high insect activity.


Enhanced ventilation and window options provide a comfortable shelter suitable for varying weather conditions.

Cocoon Dome Tents are suitable for traditional campsites and hiking trips, providing comfortable and design-rich temporary homes for family outings or gatherings of friends. At the same time, their stylish appearance also makes them a highlight in cafes and exhibitions. Whether in outdoor adventure or urban life, Cocoon Dome Tents can show its unique charm.
Cover material: 850g/sqm PVC-coated polyester fabric
Fabric color option: white, gray, transparent or customized
Wind load: 100km/h or customized
Water Resistant: Yes
UV Coated: Yes
Flame Resistant: Yes
Custom Logo Printing: Yes
Expandable? No
Premium Material Selection Premium Material Selection
Cost-effective Excellence Cost-effective Excellence
Reliable Global Delivery Reliable Global Delivery
Expert Consulting and Support Expert Consulting and Support
Customized Design Customized Design
Turnkey Solution Turnkey Solution

Product Details



The cap vent comes with a triangle PVOfabriccoveror“hat”which allows both aircirculation andrain protection


Two-layer Roll-up Ventilation Window offers a roll-up strapable PVC Fabric exterior and heavy duty fly screen interior


openable Glass Window is fabricated with an aluminum allov frame and tempered glass Come with the Bespoke Anti-Mosquito Mesh,Like Noother


The Solar Extractor Fan ventilation systemoffers a low-impact sustainable coolingsystem to extract warm air from top of dome.


We took into account the oxidization caused by the transparent PVC material and the wear and tear caused by the natural wind - a split model was used to give campers a better viewing experience at the lowest possible cost.


The stovejackhole position and size can becustomized based upon your needs andfactory cut,preserving the integrity of thesteelframe,PVCouter shell andinteriorin sulation fabric




Frame:T6063-T5aluminum frame Wood Plastic Casting Panels,3 colors for options:Grey/ Oak / Black Walnut


Thehigh-densitymosquito mesh MagneticScreen Door keeps insects out of yourdome.The screen automatically opens andcloses offeringhands-free entry and exit forboth youand your pets


We consider the use habits of guests, convenient for people to pull the curtains in different positions, the design is very good to prolong the use time and life.

Dome Tent Accessories
Cap Cap
Triangle Triangle
Glass Glass
Solar Fan Solar Fan
Panoramic Window Panoramic Window
Stove Jacket Stove Jacket
Door Door
Magnetic Screen Magnetic Screen
Dual Track Dual Track


questions and answers

What are Cocoon Dome Tents?


Cocoon Dome Tents have a unique dome design with a hemispherical appearance. It is made of lightweight materials and has transparent windows. The overall shape is simple and modern, giving people a light yet stable feeling.

questions and answers

What is the difference between Cocoon Dome Tents and other tents?


It has a different shape from other tents, and its cocoon-shaped appearance is more distinctive. It also has a more spacious interior space.

questions and answers

Is the construction process of Cocoon Dome Tents complicated?


Setup includes basic steps such as unfolding the main body of the tent, connecting the support poles, and securing the bottom of the tent. It can usually be set up within 24 hours.

questions and answers

What is the ventilation performance of Cocoon Dome Tents?


Multiple ventilation windows and doors can be added. These openings help circulate air, reduce internal humidity and improve comfort. Ventilation facilities can be added if necessary.

questions and answers

Are the weight and size of Cocoon Dome Tents easy to carry?


The weight and volume of tents vary by model and size. But they are all designed for outdoor activities and are easy to pack and transport.

questions and answers

Are Cocoon Dome Tents suitable for long-term living?


Suitability for long-term living depends on the material's sturdiness and stability. Long-term living requires consideration of stronger structures, better living facilities, and better environmental adaptability.

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