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Shelter Event Dome-A Game Changer

Shelter has realized that organizing a captivating event is no small feat. It requires something extraordinary to help you achieve such ambitious goals. That's where Shelter event domes come into play.

Types of Event Domes

Whether you're a seasoned event planner or a company preparing to delve into event tent rentals, you might face creative obstacles or growth bottlenecks when confronted with a square event space.

Shelter's event domes boast the pinnacle of space design, and our brand offers a comprehensive array of services. Our team is dedicated to providing on-site installation services with the highest level of professionalism. We assure you that there will be no limitations when it comes to creating event spaces with our domes. Regardless of the scale, sophistication, or uniqueness of your event or business concept, we are committed to seamlessly integrating our domes and services to fulfill your requirements.

PVC Dome

  • PVC cover & stainless steel structure.
  • Three color options are available: white, beige, or green.
  • Standard models offer a floor area of 78-1962 square meters (840-21120 square feet), with custom sizes available.

Glass Dome

  • Polycarbonate or glass panel & aluminum alloy structures.
  • Available in clear or blue.
  • Standard models offer a floor area of 490-1962 square meters (5275-21120 square feet), with custom sizes available.

PVDF Tarpaulin Dome

  • PVDF roofing+PVC sides+aluminum alloy structures.
  • Three color options are available: white, beige, or green.
  • Standard models offer a floor area of 78-176 square meters (840-1900 square feet), with custom sizes available.

Glass Dome

  • Polycarbonate or glass panel & aluminum alloy structures.
  • Available in clear or blue.
  • Standard models offer a floor area of 490-1962 square meters (5275-21120 square feet), with custom sizes available.

Event Domes for Different Applications

Versatile Exterior Designs

Festival Celebrations
Festival Celebrations
Formal Meetings
Formal Meetings
Commercial Promotion
Commercial Promotion
Trade Exhibitions
Trade Exhibitions

Versatile Interior Architecture

Weddings & Parties
Weddings & Parties
Corporate Events
Corporate Events
Product Launches
Product Launches
Performing Arts
Performing Arts

The Specifications of Event Domes

In addition to providing top-tier quality coverings and frames, we also offer a variety of dome accessories to help elevate your event to a whole new level.

Item Cover Framework Optional Accessories
PVC Dome 850g/sqm fully opaque PVC fabric and 950g/sqm transparent PVC fabric. Q235 steel pipe. Three colors are available: white coating, black coating, and galvanized.
For a dome with a diameter of 10 meters (33 feet), the diameter of the steel pipe in the frame is 25mm with a thickness of 1.5mm. The steel pipe data for domes of other sizes may vary.
  • Doors:
    • Curved tarpaulin door
    • Conventional rectangular double doors (including options for glass or aluminum alloy)
  • Mounting Accessories (Dependent on platform type)
  • Flooring Systems
  • Ceiling Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Interior Decorations, including lighting options
Glass Dome Laminated tempered glass in 5mm+0.76 PVB+5mm or polycarbonate panel in 6mm. 6061/T6 aluminum alloy.
PVDF Tarpaulin Dome 1050 g/m² PVDF for the roof, 950 g/m² transparent PVC for the sides. Curved aluminum alloy profile 45mm*65mm with wood grain finishes, Q235B steel connector.
*The specifications mentioned above are for standard dome models. Further customization is available for specific requirements, such as enhanced wind and snow load capacity, painted covers, projection capabilities, interconnection of multiple domes, etc.

Excellent Product Performance

Dome Cover Performance

Even Dome Cover Performance Ours

Perfect performance in UV resistance, heat-blocking, anti-mildew, and anti-chemical;


PVC and PVDF have obtained international fire retardant standard certification (us: Nfpa 701; eur: Din4102, b1, m2). The glass cover is not flammable;


PVC and PVDF have strong tear resistance. Glass is explosion-proof.

Dome Cover Performance Others

Bad function in UV and heat resistance. Corroded and mildew in the damp weather;


Without fire retardant protection - dangerous building;


Torn by the sharp easily.

Dome Frames Performance

Dome Frames Performance Ours

Utilizing high-strength steel/ aluminum alloy pipes, with steel pipes undergoing professional anti-rust and anti-chemical corrosion treatment such as galvanization.


Each component will be combined perfectly;


Perfect performance in weather resistance- wind load: 120km/h(74.5mph), snow load: 0.5kn/m²(51kg/m²);


Supports enhanced performance customization.

Dome Frames Performance Others

The metal pipes in the frame have smaller specifications and are not galvanized;


The components can't be fit totally;


Susceptible to adverse weather conditions and may pose a risk as structures;


Production capacity constraints prevent them from offering customized higher-performance options.

Size Reference

Standard Sizes of PVC Dome

Item Floor Space Diameter Height People Standing Seated At Table
DM10 78m²/840sq ft 10m/33ft 5m/16ft 80 30
DM15 176m²/1900sq ft 15m/50ft 7.5m/25ft 170 60
DM18 254m²/2735sq ft 18m/60ft 9m/30ft 250 80
DM20 314m²/3380sq ft 20m/65ft 10m/33ft 300 100
DM30 706m²/7600sq ft 30m/100ft 15m/50ft 700 230
DM40 1256m²/13520sq ft 40m/130ft 15m/50ft 1200 400
DM50 1962m²/21120sq ft 50m/160ft 15m/50ft 1900 650
*Customizable in more sizes to meet diverse needs

Standard Sizes of Glass Dome

ItemFloor SpaceDiameterHeightPeople StandingSeated At Table
DM25490m²/5275sq ft25m/82ft12.5m/41ft500200
DM30706m²/7600sq ft30m/100ft15m/50ft700250
DM35962m²/10350sq ft35m/114ft17.5m/57ft950320
DM401256m²/13520sq ft40m/130ft20m/65ft1200400
DM451590m²/17115sq ft45m/148ft22.5m/74ft1600530
DM501962m²/21120sq ft50m/164ft25m/82ft1900650
*Customizable in more sizes to meet diverse needs
Standard Sizes of PVDF Tarpaulin Dome
Item Floor Space Diameter Height People Standing Seated At Table
DM10 78m²/840sq ft 10m/33ft 4m/13ft 80 30
DM11 95m²/1020sq ft 11m/36ft 4.4m/14ft 100 35
DM12 113m²/1216sq ft 12m/39ft 4.8m/16ft 120 40
DM13 133m²/1485sq ft 13m/42ft 5.2m/17ft 130 45
DM14 154m²/1657sq ft 14m/46ft 5.6m/18ft 150 50
DM15 176m²/1900sq ft 15m/49ft 6m/20ft 180 60
*Customizable in more sizes to meet diverse needs

Why Choose Shelter Dome?

As an event dome manufacturer, Shelter has always led the industry with top-notch quality and efficient production. We've got three processing hubs worldwide, totaling 20,000 square meters, which is like one huge 215,280 square feet modern factory complex. These advanced manufacturing sites not only showcase our scale and strength, but also provide solid support for producing high-quality event domes.

Our production capacity is robust and steady, so whether it's a major international event or a small outdoor gathering, we can respond swiftly. What's more, Shelter offers competitive prices within the industry.

Choosing Shelter means getting the perfect blend of quality, efficiency, and cost. If you're on the hunt for a reliable supplier of event tents, Shelter is your prime choice. We look forward to teaming up with you to create more amazing events together!

Environmental Preservation

Shelter's event domes use eco-friendly materials and offer sustainable event solutions, reducing the impact of events on the environment.

Customization Support

Shelter offers customizable options, like logo printing and connected domes, to enrich events and amplify visual & promotional impact. With Shelter, you can discover the optimal approach to achieving maximum impact.

Secure & Sturdy

Each dome meets the highest quality and structural safety standards, capable of handling large crowds and various weather conditions.

Speedy Setup

The large 20-meter diameter PVC dome can be constructed quickly and efficiently, typically taking 5 to 7 hours with a team of 5 people.

Fully Certified

We can provide all venue qualification documents required for event approval, ensuring smooth event execution.

Comprehensive Design Service

From venue planning to layout design, our expert team can provide unique and appealing design solutions for events, including stages, auditoriums, entrance gates, and more.

Technical Support

Shelter provides professional technical support such as schematic diagrams, MEP consulting, HVAC consulting, and pipeline layout.

Doorstep Installation

We offer streamlined and efficient on-site installation services for our global customers, ensuring quick setup and immediate use for events.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Space Experience with Shelter Event Dome?

As a premier event dome manufacturer, Shelter has gained the trust and recognition of internationally renowned brands such as P&G, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. This recognition is attributed to our outstanding product quality and unmatched service. Reach out to us today to discover the limitless potential of event spaces with our top-of-the-line Shelter event dome!

SHELTER Event Domes' Success Cases Sharing

Shelter Pvc Dome With Projection Function

Event Dome Type: PVC dome with projection function

Application: an official meeting organized by the government

Location: Hamad Port, Mesaieed, Qatar

Built duration: 3 days

What Shelter offers: Domes of 40m, 25m, 20m, and 10m diameters connected by pathways.

Shelter Glass Dome

Event Dome Type: glass dome

Application: company brand exhibition

Location: Beneixida, Valencia, Spain

Built duration: 10 Days

What Shelter offers: a 30m diameter dome draped in an all-black ensemble

Shelter 18m Diameter Pvc Dome

Event Dome Type: PVC dome

Application: branded product launch

Location: Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

Built duration: 1 day

What Shelter offers: an 18m diameter dome with branded logo printing

Shelter 25m Diameter Pvc Dome

Event Dome Type: PVC dome

Application: hotel event celebration and catering services

Location: Strada Veteranilor, Nr. 1, Buzau, Romania

Built duration: approximately one month

What Shelter offers: a 25m diameter dome

FAQs About Event Domes

questions and answers

What is an event dome?


An event dome is a type of round building structure commonly used for hosting various types of events. Depending on how long they're set up for, they can be permanent or semi-permanent/temporary. Permanent event domes are mostly seen in large sports arenas, while semi-permanent or temporary ones are used for a wide range of event scenes, including but not limited to festivals, parties, weddings, trade shows, and corporate promotions.

As a unique type of event venue, event domes have an eye-catching appearance and distinctiveness that can effectively enhance the promotional impact and participant experience of events.

questions and answers

Why use a dome tent for a special event?


Using a dome tent for special events has several advantages:

1. Unique Aesthetic: Dome tents have a distinct appearance that catches the eye and adds flair to the event venue. This not only boosts the overall atmosphere but also leaves attendees with unforgettable memories.

2. Flexible Adaptation: Dome tents can be customized to fit the theme and requirements of the event, including personalized designs and branding elements.

3. Enhanced Event Experience: In addition to providing protection from the elements, dome tents offer spacious and versatile layouts without interior support poles, further elevating the event experience.

Overall, dome tents are practical, visually appealing, and versatile for special events, allowing organizers to create unforgettable experiences in unique and customizable environments for guests.

questions and answers

How much does an event dome cost?


The cost of event dome tents can vary significantly due to several factors, including their size, design, materials, features, location, and the pricing structure of the supplier.

According to Shelter's practical data: Building small, basic PVC dome tents for small gatherings or events averages between $152.82 to $397.35 per square meter (or $14.22 to $36.97 per square foot). The fluctuating prices depend on the tent's configuration, features, and size.

If you'd like to know the cost of building your event dome, please contact us with your specific dome requirements to get the most accurate price.

questions and answers

How do I choose an event dome?


Shelter offers three different types of dome structures to choose from: PVC domes, glass domes, and PVDF fabric domes, each suited for different activity needs.

In terms of appearance, PVC domes have a classic look, while glass domes lead the trend with their avant-garde design. In contrast, PVDF fabric domes strike a balance between the two, incorporating innovative elements without sacrificing practicality.

From a cost perspective, PVC domes are the most economical choice, making them the preferred option. On the other hand, glass domes command the highest price due to their high-end materials and craftsmanship. PVDF fabric domes, utilizing innovative fabric materials, are priced slightly higher than PVC domes but offer good value for money.

In terms of size adaptability, PVC domes' standard sizes are suitable for venues ranging from 78 to 1962 square meters (840 to 21120 square feet). Glass domes are suitable for venues ranging from 490 to 1962 square meters (5275 to 21120 square feet). PVDF fabric domes have a range of applicability between 78 and 176 square meters (840 to 1900 square feet).

If you have a limited budget and need to cover a large area for activities, PVC domes would be the ideal choice. However, glass domes would be the best option if you seek durability and stability for semi-permanent structures.

questions and answers

How is event dome set up?


When choosing a dome for your event, it's important to consider its size and how it will be installed. For domes with a diameter exceeding 15 meters, we recommend installing hoisting accessories to ensure a sturdy and reliable structure.

For temporary domes with diameters ranging from 10 to 30 meters, you can opt for steel pegs or weighted discs for securing, provided that the installation site is flat and the soil is firm. However, for long-term or domes with diameters exceeding 30 meters, we suggest using cement ground expansion bolts for the best stability.

Although we provide detailed user manuals to assist customers in setting up their own domes, considering the expertise and complexity required for installing domes with diameters of 15 meters and above, we highly recommend hiring our professional staff for installation. This ensures safety throughout the installation process and guarantees the quality of the structure. We're more than willing to provide the necessary assistance and detailed quotations for your convenience.

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