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Luxury Glamping Dome Tents: Geodesic Dome Kit for Outdoor Dome Living

A world where nature meets luxury and
adventure meets comfort.
We’ve made space valuable with our
beautifully crafted dome tents, immersing
you in an experience that goes beyond
traditional camping.

Modular Bathroom System

Our Modular Bathroom System is designed to provide you with the ultimate luxury and convenience during your outdoor adventures, and installation can be done by two people.
luxury and convenience on your vacation – Unique dry-wet separation system. This means no more soggy towels or damp clothes ruining your camping experience.

The Underground extraction system draws out excess moisture and drains it away.
Our cutting-edge underground extraction system takes camping bathroom technology to the next level. It efficiently draws out excess moisture from the bathroom and drains it away, ensuring that your camping dome space remains fresh, even in humid conditions or after a refreshing shower. Ensuring your camping dome space stays fresh and dry.

Waterproof, and moisture-proof mats erase bathroom leak worries at your dome house.

·Easy to Clean ·Durable and Long-Lasting ·Waterproof and Moisture-Proof ·Easy Installation

Intelligent Electrical Appliances

In order to avoid the need for strong and weak power connections, water supply and sewage disposal, the solution is as detailed as possible.

We have as much as possible detailed supporting program, all the weak power we use wireless self-generation way to solve the Avoid wiring, and all the rest of the line pipe are All the other wires and pipes are pre-set in advance, which is convenient for you to install quickly on the ground.

All electricity and water, Shelter Dome are in line with European and American standards, we have obtained the EU your certification, numerous downstream suppliers, a strong supply chain, to ensure the standardization of our services, compliance.

Our services to ensure that your electricity safety issues, non-professional team can quickly help you land, when you encounter problems, we can quickly provide standard solutions!


The interior layout of the 6-meter-high luxury camping dome typically offers warm and comfortable spaces designed to provide a unique outdoor accommodation experience.

The 7 meter high luxury camping dome offers more space and luxury. The larger dimensions allow for a more spacious and comfortable interior layout, making it ideal for those looking for a premium luxury camping experience.

Offering a spacious interior layout perfect for family gatherings, or business trips, the 8-meter high luxury camping dome is ideal for people looking for an upscale and comfortable outdoor retreat.

Glamping Dome

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The entire setup process is
assembled by a crew of two in 24 hours.

More abundant camping dome
space allows you to switch freely.

The geodome house is spacious and has all the amenities that make it a great choice for families.

Luxury in the details

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Public Space geodome enclosures stand as exquisite architecture that seamlessly amalgamates form and functionality. Among the most ascendancy of Public Space geodome advances is their aptitude for fostering societal engagement. It provides comfort, functionality, and visual appeal, making ordinary events with creative and memorable features.
Devised to accommodate every space, ambiance encourages convergence and interaction for your events.

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