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The Best Glamping Domes

Shelter understands: The key to growing a successful glamping business is maximizing your customers' experience while minimizing your investment costs. Whether you're a seasoned glamping entrepreneur or just starting out, SHELTER Glamping Domes can help take your business to a whole new level.

Types of Glamping Domes

PVC Geodesic Dome

  • 850g/sqm & 950g/sqm PVC cover & galvanized steel structure.
  • Three color options are available: white, beige, or green.
  • Standard models offer a floor area of 20-50 square meters (210-540 square feet), with custom sizes available.
  • Timeless appearance
  • Provides 90-degree views
  • Compact structure with minimal footprint

Glass Geodesic Dome

  • Polycarbonate, glass panel & aluminum alloy structures.
  • Clear color
  • Standard models feature a floor area of 28 square meters (300 square feet), with custom sizes available.
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Provides 360-degree views
  • Trim construction with a small footprint

Cocoon House

  • 850g/sqm white PVC cover & galvanized steel structure.
  • White color
  • Standard models come with a floor area of 44 square meters (470 square feet), with custom sizes available.
  • Elegant appearance
  • Provides 60-degree views
  • Spacious interior, entrance can be paired with a broad activity platform

Oval Dome

  • 850g/sqm & 950g/sqm PVC cover & galvanized steel structure.
  • Three color options are available: white, beige, or green.
  • Standard models offer a floor area of 31 square meters (330 square feet), with custom sizes available.
  • Adorable appearance
  • Provides 120-degree views
  • Efficient use of space with a versatile layout

Industry-Leading Performance to Safeguard Your Business

Dome Cover Performance


Excellent uv Excellent UV, mildew, and chemical resistance.
Fire retardant. Fire retardant.
Tear-resistant and explosion-proof. Tear-resistant and explosion-proof.


Poor UV resistance; corrodes and mildews. Poor UV resistance; corrodes and mildews.
No fire protection-unsafe. No fire protection-unsafe.
Easily torn. Easily torn.

Dome Frames Performance


Tick -High-strength, galvanized steel/aluminum.
Tick -Perfectly fitted components.
Tick -Weather-resistant.


Tick -Small, non-galvanized pipes.
Tick -Poor fit.
Tick -Weather-vulnerable, risky.

Glamping Dome Kits

Modular Bathroom

Modular Bathroom

Offering a comfortable bathing experience while effortlessly achieving wet-dry separation.

Panoramic Bay Window

Panoramic Bay Window

Incorporating a modular design enhances the extensive scenic views and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

Double Layered Flooring System

Double-Layered Flooring System

Prevents rainwater backflow and keeps mosquitoes from entering indoors, enhancing the comfort of the glamping dome tent.

Canvas And Aluminum Foil Insulation Panels

Canvas and Aluminum Foil Insulation Panels

Keep interiors cool in summer, and warm in winter, while also serving as a vapor barrier, preventing moisture buildup inside the glamping dome.

Door Kit

Door kit

Crafted with an aluminum frame and wood-plastic composite board, complete with a door lock, ensuring the safety of glampers.

Curtain Set

Curtain Set

100% blackout, offering excellent privacy and comfort.

Solar Fan

Solar Fan

Provides comfort while being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Stove Jack

Stove Jack

Aids in chimney installation without compromising interior and exterior structural functional integrity.

Glass Window

Glass Window

Made with aluminum frames and toughened glass, to let in more light and air.

Triangle Vent

Triangle Vent

Featuring a dual-layer design with PVC fabric and mesh screens, keeping mosquitoes out while allowing for ventilation, and also providing rain protection.

Cap Vent

Cap Vent

Triangle-shaped PVC "cap" cover design, providing ventilation and rain protection.

Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door

Let humans and pets come and go freely while keeping bugs out.

Aluminum Alloy Sealing Strips

Aluminum Alloy Sealing Strips

Seal all gaps between the dome cover and the ground, keeping all bugs out of the glamping dome.

Size Reference

ItemSizeFloor AreaRoom OccupancyApplicable Situations
PVC Geodesic Dome-DM5Diameter: 5m/16.4ft
Height: 2.9m/9.6ft
20m²/210sq ft2-3 personsCreating a cozy environment for solo travelers or those seeking solitude.
Crafting an intimate glamping experience for couples or groups of 2-3 friends.
PVC Geodesic Dome-DM6Diameter: 6m/19.8ft
Height: 3.5m/11.5ft
28m²/300sq ft2-4 personsOffering a comfortable luxury dome glamping experience for couples.
Creating a private environment for small families or groups.
PVC Geodesic Dome-DM7Diameter: 7m/22.11ft
Height: 4m/13.1ft
38.5m²/410sq ft2-4 personsProviding a cozy vacation experience for couples, groups of friends, and small
PVC Geodesic Dome-DM8Diameter: 8m/26.2ft
Height: 4.7m/15.5ft
50m²/540sq ft2-6 personsIts spacious interior provides ample room for medium-sized families or gatherings of
friends, making it ideal for weekend getaways, graduation parties, and group
vacations at the campsite.
Glass Geodesic DomeDiamater: 6m/19.8ft
Height: 3m/9.10ft
28m²/300sq ft2-4 personsIdeal for providing luxurious and romantic accommodations for couples on vacation or
seeking epic glamping experience.
Cocoon HouseWidth: 7m/22.11ft
Height: 3.5m/11.5ft
44m²/470sq ft2 personsPerfect for offering unique accommodation options for couples or solo travelers
seeking a distinctive experience.
Oval DomeLength: 8m/26.2ft
Width: 5m/16.4ft
Height: 3m/9.10ft
31m²/330sq ft2 personsIdeal for couples' gatherings and intimate getaways for pairs of friends, providing
independent and serene luxury glamping dome environments.
*Customizable in more sizes to meet diverse needs
Glamping Domes Specifications PDF Download

Why Choose Shelter Dome?

SHELTER is well aware that, besides land, the most expensive cost in the luxury camping business is the luxury camping tent itself.

As a luxury glamping dome manufacturer, SHELTER operates three processing centers worldwide, covering a total area of 20,000 square meters(215,280 square feet). Our robust production capacity not only ensures the quality of our glamping domes but also enables us to offer services to customers at competitive prices within the industry.

Eco-Friendly Building Design

Our glamping domes are crafted with eco-friendly materials and structural designs. These designs incorporate renewable energy technologies like solar power. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and contributing to sustainability efforts.

Cost Reduction in the Long Run

With outstanding insulation and energy-efficient designs, our glamping dome tents significantly reduce energy costs for heating, cooling, and more. They also feature superior protective layers against mold and UV rays. Additionally, innovative features like independent clear cover contribute to lowering your long-term maintenance expenses.

Comprehensive One-Stop Design Solutions

From site planning to dome interior designs, our professional team offers comprehensive solutions for perfect glamping spaces. All of these services are provided under one roof.

Industry-Leading Technical Support

We provide technical services including schematics, MEP consulting, HVAC consulting, decking and platform designs, pipeline layouts, and more. These services ensure top-notch support for your project.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Space with SHELTER Glamping Domes?

Our luxury camping domes are perfect for any environment that demands elegance and durability, offering an unparalleled guest experience. Whether you're looking to enhance a resort, campground, or private estate, we're here to help you succeed. Contact us now to explore the endless possibilities with premium SHELTER Glamping Domes.

Shelter Glamping Domes Span the Globe

Shelter's Glamping Dome has garnered global success, backed by over 100 case studies that showcase its versatility and adaptability.

These case studies hail from diverse corners of the world, encompassing countries like Japan, France, New Zealand, Colombia, Jordan, Malaysia, Saint Lucia, and beyond. They illustrate the dome's ability to thrive in a myriad of terrains and climates, ranging from deserts and coastlines to snowy landscapes, forests, and mountainous regions. Whether serving as tourist accommodations, resorts, or campgrounds, these domes have proven their efficacy across various hospitality settings.

As our journey continues, each new chapter adds to the unfolding narrative of our success.

Colombia 6 Meter Diameter Domes

Location: Tocancipá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Land condition: highland

Climate: plateau mountain climate with temperatures ranging from 6°C to 20°C (43°F to 68°F)

Campsite size: approx.100 acres

What Shelter offers: 2 sets of 6-meter diameter domes

Jordan Dome Group

Location: Wadi Rum Village, Jordan

Land condition: desert

Climate: subtropical desert climate with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 31°C (64°F to 88°F)

Campsite size: approx.75 acres

What Shelter offers: 8 sets of 5-meter diameter domes, 12 sets of 6-meter diameter domes

Malaysia 6 Meter Diameter Domes

Location: Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia

Land condition: seaside

Climate: tropical rainforest climate with temperatures ranging from 23°C to 30°C (73°F to 86°F)

Campsite size: approx.450 acres

What Shelter offers: 2 sets of 6-meter diameter domes

Chile Catering Dome

Location: Puerto Natales, Natales, Chile

Land condition: prairie and highland

Climate: subtropical mediterranean with temperatures ranging from -1°C to 25°C (30°F to 77°F)

Campsite size: approx.22.5 acres

What Shelter offers: 6 sets of 6-meter diameter domes, 1 set of catering dome

FAQs About Glamping Domes

If your question hasn't been listed, please feel free to email us.

questions and answers

What are glamping domes?


A glamping dome generally refers to a glamping tent with a rounded dome structure. Among them, geodesic domes are the most common design for luxury glamping domes. In addition to their unique appearance and structure, they come equipped with a range of deluxe glamping facilities, including luxurious bathroom amenities, a well-equipped kitchen suite, large beds, a fireplace area, heating or air conditioning, and other luxurious furniture facilities. These amenities further enhance the glamping experience for glampers.

questions and answers

What is the average cost of a glamping geodesic dome?


Exclusively crafting the most classic style of luxury glamping domes, known as luxury geodesic domes, averages between $153 to $397 per square meter ($14 to $37 per square foot). Naturally, varying materials, configurations, and customization options will also impact the final cost of glamping dome tents.

questions and answers

Is glamping worth the investment?


Yeah, luxury glamping dome tents are considered a worthwhile investment. They're known for being energy-efficient and offering a unique, luxurious outdoor experience. This can bring in significant income, especially as part of a glamping business.

questions and answers

Can you live in a glamping dome?


Yeah, luxury glamping domes can be equipped with amenities and are suitable for year-round living. They're energy-efficient, space-efficient, and come with all the necessary facilities for full-time living, making them great for off-grid and four-season use.

questions and answers

How long do glamping domes last?


The design of luxury glamping domes is sturdy and durable. With proper maintenance, they can typically last for 10 years or longer. These frames are meticulously designed to withstand the load of snow and wind.

questions and answers

Are glamping geodesic domes good in winter?


Indeed, the shape and structure of the geodesic dome glamping tent reduces the formation of thermal bridges, which helps maintain warmth inside the geodesic dome during winter. However, in the face of extremely cold conditions, additional insulation or heating measures may be necessary. For instance:

  • Insulation kits can be provided, consisting of canvas and aluminum foil foam layers.
  • Support for matching stoves, with chimney options available during the design phase.
  • Air conditioning systems can be installed to regulate indoor temperature.
questions and answers

Do glamping domes come with bathrooms?


Yes, glamping dome tents can be designed to include bathrooms. The specifics depend on the design and size of the dome tent; some come with ensuite bathrooms, while others offer more compact facilities.

questions and answers

Would you need a permit to plan a glamping dome tent?


In many cases, yes, especially if you're living in a conservation area, national park, or scenic location. Before constructing a luxury dome tent, it's essential to check local regulations and apply for a planning permit.

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