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Pc Domes

PC Domes

The PC Domes offered by Shelter Dome are made from durable polycarbonate material, making them sturdy and versatile structures suitable for outdoor living and events. They combine strength, durability and clear views of the surroundings to enhance the overall outdoor experience.


Blending with the Environment Blending with the Environment

Resembling glass, these domes can be customized as transparent, translucent, or colored, providing an immersive experience for residents or event participants.

Durable & Lightweight Durable & Lightweight

Made primarily from lightweight and durable polycarbonate panels, they offer exceptional impact resistance and are lightweight, ensuring safe and smooth transportation.

Excellent Protection Excellent Protection

They boast excellent thermal insulation and UV protection, effectively shielding against various weather challenges.

Comfortable Environment Comfortable Environment

Equipped with efficient ventilation systems to reduce condensation issues. Additionally, optional flooring systems prevent ground moisture infiltration, ensuring a dry and comfortable indoor space.

Suit for

Luxury Camping Houses

When used as glamping houses, PC domes provide glampers with a comfortable and secure living space, thanks to their outstanding durability and elegant appearance. Underneath the starry sky, their transparent material allows glampers to immerse themselves in the magnificent view of the vast starry sky, blending seamlessly with nature. Inside, exquisite furnishings and comfortable furniture create an atmosphere akin to a mobile luxury villa, offering the pleasures of luxurious camping.

Event Venues

As key event venues, PC domes showcase their robust load-bearing capacity and versatile uses. Whether hosting grand weddings or business conferences, PC domes add a unique charm to events with their distinctive design and spacious interiors. Illuminated by lights, their appearance exudes a blend of solemnity and modernity, becoming the focal point of any gathering. Their sturdy structure and stable performance ensure smooth event operations, providing every participant with an unforgettable experience.

Product Specifications

Cover: Polycarbonate Panel in 6mm Waterproof: Yes
Framework: Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6 UV resistant: Yes
Diameter range: 5-50m / 16-160ft Flame resistant: DIN 4102 B1, M2; USA NFPA701
Floor space range: 20-1962m² / 211-21120ft² Wind load: 120 km/h (74.5 mph)
Custom size: Available Snow load: 51 kg/m²
Waterproof: Yes Custom logo printing: Available

What's Included

Pc Domes Included
Dome Frame Dome Frame
Dome Cover Dome Cover
Door Kits (Optional) Door Kits
Mounting Accessories Mounting Accessories
Flooring Systems (Optional) Flooring Systems (Optional)
Modular Furniture & Facilities (Optional) Modular Furniture & Facilities (Optional)
Lighting Systems (Optional) Lighting Systems (Optional)
Ventilation Systems (Optional) Ventilation Systems (Optional)
Temperature Control Systems (Optional) Temperature Control Systems (Optional)

What Shelter Can Offer for PC Domes

Tailored Service Tailored Service

Efficient project management is critical for project success. We have a specialized team of project managers who deliver customized turnkey solutions, encompassing product selection, accessory design, and site planning.

Interior Design Approach Interior Design Approach

Creating a comfortable environment through meticulous interior design is essential. Shelter boasts a skilled team dedicated to crafting flawless interior layouts.

Global Reach Global Reach

Shelter extends its commitment to excellence worldwide, delivering premium products and services to a diverse clientele across multiple countries, including the United States, Australia, Spain, France, Peru, Colombia, and Romania.

Support & Maintenance Support & Maintenance

Our team provides thorough, professional guidance for installation and maintenance, ensuring seamless setup of domes, installation of accessories, and optimal equipment placement. We also offer onsite installation services to meet specific customer requirements.

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Shelter Pvc Dome Product PVC Domes

Not only does the PVC dome feature eye-catching design, but it also boasts a stable structural nature. It's suitable for extreme weather conditions and high-altitude areas.

Glass Domes Glass Domes

Glass domes feature large glass panels that offer stunning views. The glass dome has been carefully designed to include an efficient ventilation system to reduce condensation issues.

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