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        • Discover the power of precision with shelter, your trusted B2B partner for premium tents. Our state-of-the-art tents are meticulously designed to provide optimal shelter and enhance outdoor experiences.

        • With unrivaled craftsmanship and personalized service, we empower businesses worldwide to excel in their outdoor ventures. Experience excellence today—contact us for the perfect tent solutions to elevate your outdoor events to new heights.

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Glamping & Event Domes

Established in 2015, Shelter Dome specializes in innovative geodesic domes for glamping and events. Combining design, versatility, and functionality, they cater to founders, planners, developers, and designers. With two decades of expertise, they promise precision, quality, and timely delivery in every dome.

6m Glamping Dome
This petite dome pod enchants with an ultimately home, its intimate space perfectly tailored for duos or small tribes.This dome enchants with haven tailored to those seeking escape from confinement into landscapes.
7m Glamping Dome
The 7m dome suite provides an ultimate refuge, an intimate haven gestated of dreams for high-end glamping. 
A cozy dome tent enabling escape beyond four 
walls into surroundings unveiled.
8m Glamping Dome
The 8m dome house is ideal for campsites catering to weekend stays, graduations, and group getaways. Its spacious interior provides an expansive space for bigger families and circles of friends to come together.
4m Transparent Dome
The garden dome igloo uses transparent PVC, which allows sunlight to enter and brighten the interior. 
Its unique domed shape and material ensure that sunlight reaches at right angles, resulting in maximum sunlight absorption.
Customized Glamping Dome
Versatile, linkable structures ideal for glamping. Perfect for families and groups, spacious twin domes for living and sleeping. The connecting tunnel ensures privacy while maintaining easy access between the domes.
10m Public Space Dome
Step into the 10m Event Dome with 78m² of space, accommodating both large and intimate gatherings. From lively parties to close-knit events, it's the venue for unforgettable moments.
12m Public Space Dome
Discover the 12m Event Dome, a captivating space ideal for gatherings, exhibitions, and celebrations. With its generous floor area and unique design, it promises both style and spaciousness for memorable events.
15m Public Space Dome
Experience the grandeur of the 15m Dome. Whether hosting large-scale celebrations, exhibitions, or immersive installations, it comfortably accommodates 250 people standing or 100 seated at tables.
18m Public Space Dome
Grandeur meets limitless potential. Ideal for lavish celebrations and exhibitions, ensuring a memorable, unparalleled experience.
20m Public Space Dome
Where boundless possibilities shine. Perfect for grand celebrations and immersive exhibitions. Offers an unparalleled setting for standout events.
25m Public Space dome
Epitome of professional grandeur for conferences, galas, and exhibitions. Accommodates both standing and seated guests. Elevate your event with this premier choice.
30m Public Space Dome
Behold the magnificence of the 30m geodome, a testament to professional excellence. 
Elevate your event to new heights of sophistication with this remarkable choice.
6m Glass Dome
Our 6-meter Glass Geodesic Dome is more than just a structure; it's a work of art that seamlessly blends with its surroundings.To bring the outdoors inside while maintaining a comfortable environment, we've employed a combination of glass and polycarbonate panels.
25m Glass Geodesic Dome
The glass allows light to enter, creates a sense of space. The entire glass dome structure is made of a light aluminum alloy frame and double-layer laminated glass, which is strong and durable with high aesthetic value. In addition, our team can customize a solution to suit your needs.
12m PVDF Tarpaulin Dome
With a diameter of up to 30 meters, this PVDF tarpaulin dome offers a vast amount of space to accommodate multiple uses. Whether you are planning a large event, a private party or an exhibition of unique decorations, this dome has the space and versatility you need.

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