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The Best Sports Dome

Let's dive into our carefully crafted latest product lineup, where you'll find the awe-inspiring PVC dome and the trendy air dome. Whether you're in search of eco-friendly and energy-efficient building solutions or classic elegance, Shelter sports domes have got you covered with their unique charm.

Shelter Sports Dome Series

PVC Dome

Material: PVC cover and steel/aluminum alloy frame

Size: Ranging from 10 to 50 meters (33 to 160 feet) in diameter corresponds to 78 to 1962 square meters (840 to 21120 square feet). Other sizes can be customized.

Construction time: From ordering to installation completion, it can take as fast as 6 weeks.

Weatherproof performance: Able to withstand wind loads of up to 87 mph and snow loads of up to 16 pounds per square foot.

Air Dome

Material: Durable fabrics coated with high-strength PVC or PVDF.

Size: Flexible and customizable.

Construction time: From ordering to installation completion, it can take as little as 4 months.

Weatherproof performance: Able to withstand wind loads of up to 150 mph and snow loads of up to 50 pounds per square foot.

Why Shelter Sports Venues?

Why Shelter Sports Venues?

Customizable Appearance

Our sports domes are made from PVC and other fabric materials, allowing for easy customization. Whether it's a bold corporate logo, a unique brand symbol, or a memorable slogan, Shelter's high-precision spray technology can perfectly display them on our sports domes. This personalized customization not only sets your sports facility apart but also enhances brand recognition and promotional effectiveness.

Stable Structure

The air dome's membrane boasts strong tear resistance and tensile strength. External support from a cable net system helps distribute surface stress, while the arch design aids in the natural shedding of rain and snow. PVC domes, on the other hand, enhance overall stability through multiple highly stable triangular structures, evenly distributing pressure and weight. This design minimizes the impact of external factors like wind or snow, making the PVC domes less prone to deformation or collapse.

Low Energy Consumption

Air domes and PVC domes use special polyester fiber materials, which have excellent UV protection and heat reflection properties. They effectively isolate external temperatures, reducing the burden on air conditioning and saving energy. If designed with fully transparent or semi-transparent materials, they can also provide natural lighting, reducing the use of lighting fixtures, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and provides a comfortable experience.
Low Energy Consumption
Flexible & Swift

Flexible & Swift

Compared to traditional sports buildings, which usually take years to complete, PVC domes and air domes significantly improve on-site construction efficiency, enabling quick and efficient installation. and PVC domes can be erected relatively quickly, making them perfect for temporary or seasonal needs. Additionally, they offer great flexibility by allowing easy expansion, relocation, or removal to meet changing usage requirements.

Yoga Yoga
Swimming Swimming
Baseball Baseball
Basketball Basketball
Volleyball Volleyball
Wrestling Wrestling
Ice Skating Ice Skating
Badminton Badminton
Table Tennis Table Tennis
Soccer Soccer
Shelter Superior Product Performance

Shelter utilizes high-quality PVC Polyester Fabric (0.67mm) for covering, ensuring exceptional performance in UV resistance and heat-blocking. Our materials adhere to international fire retardant standards, including US NFPA 701 and European DIN4102, B1, M2, guaranteeing safety. With a glossy appearance maintained for over 10 years, our domes boast strong tear resistance, along with anti-mildew and anti-chemical corrosion properties, ensuring durability and longevity.

Dome Cover Performance Others

Other brands utilize low-quality membranes without any top coat of the cover fabric leads to various issues. The bad function in UV and heat resistance results in susceptibility to melting under strong sunlight, posing a danger due to the lack of fire retardant protection. Over time, the appearance deteriorates due to UV harm, and the membrane becomes prone to tearing easily, especially by sharp objects. Additionally, in damp weather, the membrane is susceptible to corrosion and mildew growth, compromising its durability and safety.

Environmental Conservation

Shelter's sports domes utilize environmentally-friendly materials and provide sustainable construction solutions, minimizing the environmental footprint.

Tailored Assistance

Shelter provides customizable features such as logo printing and connected domes to enhance your brand and maximize visual and promotional effectiveness.

Safe & Solid

Every sports dome meets stringent quality and structural safety standards, designed to withstand rigorous workouts and diverse weather conditions.

Rapid Assembly

The expansive 20-meter diameter PVC dome can be erected swiftly and efficiently, typically requiring 2 to 3 days with a team of 5 individuals.

Fully Accredited

We can furnish all necessary venue qualification documents for building approval, guaranteeing seamless project execution.

Complete Design Service

From venue planning to layout design, our skilled team can deliver distinctive and attractive design solutions for sports, encompassing audience seating, stadium entrances, gateways, rest areas, and beyond.

Technical Assistance

Shelter offers expert technical support, including schematic diagrams, MEP consulting, HVAC consulting, and hydropower layout.

Doorstep Installation

We offer streamlined and efficient doorstep installation services for our global sports dome customers, ensuring quick setup and immediate use.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Space with Shelter Sports Domes?

Shelter operates three processing centers globally, totaling 20,000 square meters in area. Leveraging our robust manufacturing capabilities, we not only ensure the high quality of sports domes but also offer industry-leading factory prices to our customers. These sports domes are designed to withstand external weather changes, creating a bright, comfortable, and spacious indoor space for athletes, ensuring they can enjoy sports year-round. Take action now, reach out to us, and let us customize a tailored sports dome for your athletic facility!

FAQs About Sports Domes

questions and answers

What is a sports dome?


A sports dome is a closed sports facility with a dome-shaped roof, designed to accommodate various indoor and outdoor activities such as yoga, swimming, tennis, and soccer while providing Shelter. The outer shell of a sports dome venue typically consists of high-strength fabric material designed to be waterproof and UV-resistant, ensuring effective protection against rain and adverse weather conditions. This allows individuals inside the facility to exercise or train year-round without being affected by changes in outdoor weather conditions.

questions and answers

How much are sports domes?


The cost of constructing a sports dome can vary significantly due to several factors, including its size, design, features, location, and the pricing structure of suppliers.

According to Shelter's latest practice statistics, the average cost of building a sports dome ranges from $153 to $397 per square meter (or $14 to $37 per square foot).

If you want to know the cost of constructing a sports dome, please contact us with your specific dome requirements to get the most accurate price estimate.

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How do sports domes stay up?


PVC domes are engineered with interconnected triangular panels that evenly distribute weight, offering resilience against wind and snow. Supported by lightweight yet durable frame materials like aluminum or steel, the structure maintains its form. Tensioning systems, including cables or rods, further reinforce the dome, averting deformation. Anchoring techniques such as stakes or ropes secure the dome to the ground, ensuring stability in diverse conditions. These combined features empower sports PVC domes to endure environmental challenges and remain steadfast.

Similarly, air domes employ various methods to remain upright, including air pressure, frame structure, tensioning systems, and anchoring. Their integrity depends on continuous inflation to sustain their shape.

questions and answers

How long do sports domes last?


Due to differences in structure and materials, there is variation in durability between PVC sports domes and air domes. Specifically, PVC domes typically maintain stable usage for 10 to 15 years, whereas air-supported domes can have a longer lifespan, typically ranging from 10 to 20 years.

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Do sports domes have air conditioning?


Yes, to ensure a comfortable environment inside the venue, multiple air conditioning units are typically installed within the sports dome to regulate the temperature.

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Are sports domes heated?


Absolutely, especially during colder seasons or in extreme weather conditions, sports domes are typically equipped with heating systems to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone inside to engage in sports activities.

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