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        • Discover the power of precision with shelter, your trusted B2B partner for premium tents. Our state-of-the-art tents are meticulously designed to provide optimal shelter and enhance outdoor experiences.

        • With unrivaled craftsmanship and personalized service, we empower businesses worldwide to excel in their outdoor ventures. Experience excellence today—contact us for the perfect tent solutions to elevate your outdoor events to new heights.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Discover Hotel Glamping – a new peak in travel and hospitality, combining natural charm with five-star comfort.

Green Lodgings

Hotel glamping often underscores sustainability and eco-awareness, making it appealing for hotels to serve the environmentally mindful traveler.

tourism and hospitality

On one hand, Shelter Dome’s use of translucent fabrics not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also capitalizes on natural light, reducing dependence on energy-consuming artificial lights. Furthermore, the modularity in design ensures that worn-out or damaged parts can be individually replaced, minimizing waste

On the other hand, the high durability of Shelter Dome’s products, attributed to their sturdy construction and the use of UV-resistant, flame-retardant, and waterproof PVC fabric, allows for reduced frequency of replacements and, consequently, lesser consumption of resources over time.


Unique Experience

Provide guests with a distinctive lodging experience that perfectly combines luxury and comfort with the intimacy of nature.


Adoption of environmentally friendly materials and design emphasizes sustainability, reducing environmental impact and enhancing the hotel's brand image.

High Flexibility

Easily adapts to different terrains and environments, can be flexibly configured and adjusted according to needs and seasons, maximizing space utilization and customer satisfaction.

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